10 Types of Curtains to Decor Your Home


Home is the place where we feel comfort and peace. It’s such an amazing location for resting your bones after work. Suppose you are living in a home with an average curtain in your dining room and want to buy new ones. That will further enhance your home’s look and your comfort then this blog is the solution you need that will give you suggestions on 10 types of curtains to decor your home. Read till end to have all the details to help you finalize your choice.

There are various types of curtains available in the market for fulfilling the specific needs of a home. Let us share with you some of the top selling 10 types of curtains to decor your home. The following list will help you choose accordingly to your home interior and your own likings.

1. Single Panel Curtains

Single panel curtains are the good old fashion types that can be pulled to make room for light. They can be abducted either at the right corner or left one on the window. They are really cheap since one big lengthy fabric is used to cover the window.

Its maintenance and dry cleaning are also easy and provide compliance in terms of usage. The biggest advantage they presents is that due to being a large single length, dust is easily trapped in them. This feature serves as the use of curtain as a dust filter also.

2. Double Panel Curtains

Double panel curtains are same as single panel, but cut into equal two panels. Therefore, it’s also known a classical English curtain style. One main benefit is pulling them easily on rolls.

Comparing with its single pair cousin, its adequate for maximum sun lighting usage. Cleaning them is also quite easy as most of the user’s prefer to wash them at home washing machine

3. Valance Curtains

This specific type is just used to make a typical curtain look more attractive. Therefore these are considered as an add-on for enhancement. Valance curtains are more suited for large villas windows due to their fabric is more expensive and has limited use other than adding more glamour to the current looks of curtains.

4. Window treatment curtain

This type is the hybrid or combination of two panel and valence curtain into one giant curtain. These curtains are very heavy and used extensively in Nordic regions. As the sunlight in the countries near north pole has different schedule.

These near pole regions require heavy sets of curtains to block the light from sun coming out after midnight. These sets are made with heavy double sheet of fabric therefore they are moisture and temperature resistant.

5. Tier Curtains

Tier curtains are also called low privacy curtains. These are best suited for kitchen that have windows and for washroom. These are half cut in style and mostly in white colour. They are quite cheap and easily washable even at home.

One of the best thing about them is to hang them in the middle of the window to allow plenty of sunlight to come through.

6. Curtain Lining

Curtain linings are used to add an insulation layer to curtains. Lining is also curtains but used specifically for keeping the room warm from cold harsh weather. One additional benefit is this type is also used for reducing noise therefore typically houses built on roads or in commercial areas tend to rely heavily on this type of curtain.

7. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains contain just a thin layer of fabric that allows all the sunlight to pass through. These curtains are just symbolic and used as a fashion statement. In big houses, sheer curtains are used in the lounge for separation between the dining room.

One of the biggest advantages is that sheer curtains help in reducing moisture due to the presence of sunlight that is mildly filtered. The other benefit is the economy as they are just single-layered.

Moisture does damage furniture and indoor paint therefore hanging sheer curtains allows the sunlight to reduce it.

8. Blackout Curtains

These curtains are in jet black colour thus don’t allow any sunlight to enter the room. These are the best fit for cinemas or if you have mini cinema at home then the intended results can be achieved.

These curtains are the heaviest ones and require special fittings to be used for carrying their weight. Polyester and plastic sheets are used for its assembly and usually, these are waterproof as well.

9. Tab Top Curtains

These curtains are the funkiest ones typically used outside the bathtub or shower place. Such curtains are hanged on the rod by either plastic or metal hooks therefore its quite easy to pull them.

Some curtains have belts straps that attach them to the curtain stick. Usually, these curtains are made from plastic to make them waterproof for use in bathroom.

10. Opaque Curtains

These are the last one on our list of top 10 types of curtains to decor your home. These are semi-privacy ones therefore allow privacy as well as some light as well. People who love to have sunlight in room but in moderate range prefer to use them in living room.

These are also expensive ones like blackout ones due to thick layer of fabrication. These are one of the most styled one to be use because usually opaque curtains are in dual tone colours.


We have given you all the best options available at the moment in this list. It’s up to you to choose the best type suited for your home and operational requirement. Also think about what is economical as well as made of best quality for long term use and benefit.

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