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COVID-19 has brought changes to everything, and home design is no exception. Experts are expecting to see lasting impacts on everything from the materials we use to the rooms we prioritize. Check out these and other noteworthy trends:

Houses over apartments: Many people who live in condos or apartments do so to be closer to the action — work, entertainment and shops — and never planned on spending much time at home. But the pandemic has changed that, and more people are going to want a home that offers plenty of room and outdoor space in case they need to self-isolate again.

Self-sufficiency: A hard lesson we’ve learned is that things and services we thought we could count on aren’t necessarily a sure thing, so items that increase self-reliance will become very popular. Expect to see more homes with sources of energy like solar panels, sources of heat

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See Inside “Home Town” Stars Erin and Ben Napier’s Mississippi Home

Photo credit: Manny Carabel
Photo credit: Manny Carabel

From Country Living

“A little bit weird, like the people who live in them,” is how Home Town‘s Erin Napier describes her design style. And her Mississippi home, which she shares with husband and co-star, Ben, and daughter, Helen, perfectly embodies that sentiment.

Thanks to interiors photographer Alyssa Rosenheck’s new book, The New Southern Style: The Interiors of a Lifestyle and Design Movement, we’re getting an inside look at the Home Town star’s personal style and design ethos. “My taste never really changed,” Napier tells Rosenheck in the book. “Since I was old enough to know I loved home design, I’ve loved cozy Americana, worn wood, linen, slipcovered sofas. So I started making my dream home a real one.”

Photo credit: Alyssa Rosenheck
Photo credit: Alyssa Rosenheck
Photo credit: Alyssa Rosenheck
Photo credit: Alyssa Rosenheck

Like her, Napier’s home is steeped in casualness. “There is a smudge in the finish on top

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A Guide on How To Choose Solar Panels That Will Meet Your Energy Needs

A Beginners Guide to Choosing The Right Solar Panels – Nomadic Lifestyle  Magazine

What do you need to know before installing a solar panel system for your home?  Since solar panels have been on the increase in demand by homeowners who are worried about the ever-increasing electricity costs, there has also been a rise in the manufacturing of solar panels and their components.  Here’s a guide on how to choose solar panels that are best for your home:

Know the size of the solar panel system that you need

Before you determine the size of the solar panel system, you need to determine how much electricity you use, and when you use it.  One way to know your electrical usage is to consult your past 2 or 3 energy bills.

A typical home uses 20 kWh of energy a day so a 5 kW solar panel system will be sufficient to meet the daytime needs of that home.

The number of solar

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What Do You Need to Know Before Building an Outdoor Wood Deck

A deck area in your backyard or lawn can enhance the whole look of your house. It can even add value to your entire property. Deck and patio areas are perfect for entertaining friends and guests. You can even organize various small parties and birthdays in that area.

Wood Deck

Building an outdoor wood deck is not a very difficult task, but you still need the skill, experience, and time to do it. You have to plan out the area, choose a design, and collect the essential tools and equipment you need for the construction process.

That is why people tend to prefer to hire professional deck builders to build wood decks in their homes. It is better to hire the leading outdoor home deck builders in New Orleans to make one’s design to a prospective customer or maybe to show them the actual image of the deck they … Read More