Where Are The Black Home Design Personalities? This One Created Her Own Platform

How many interior design/home improvement TV personalities can you think of? Sure, there are tons, right? But how many of them are Black? If you’re struggling to think of a single one, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, the truth is that it’s not at all hard to binge-watch home décor shows on a Saturday and not see a single Black or Brown face in a lead role. The June 2020 Vogue UK article “Interior Design Has A Race Problem—And It Needs To Be Addressed” explores the stark lack of diversity across the industry.

Texas mom of eight Tara L. Paige didn’t see Black women represented in the home design media ecosystem so she decided to create her own space.

Tara’s passion was ignited as she explored options for extending her living space beyond her four walls amid Covid-19 shelter in place orders.

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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Making Whipped Cream From A Whipped Cream Dispenser

Making whip cream using a whipped cream dispenser is very easy but there are some mistakes that you should avoid while making whip cream. Taking the proper safety measures, adding ingredients by properly measuring them, and also some quick checks. No one wants to make a sloppy and runny whipped cream, which is ultimate of no use.

Some common mistakes

If you are making whip cream using a whipped cream dispenser for the first time you may not know some common facts, but many people make mistakes even after using it for years. So never hesitate to increase your knowledge and learn from your mistakes. We have listed some common mistakes that one make while making whipped cream: 

1. People use warm or not so chilled whipped cream.

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How to Design an Entry That Keeps Your Winter Mess at Bay

The entrance to your home — or your mudroom, if you’re lucky enough to have one — has a hard job.

It has to welcome you and your guests with an inviting appearance. It also has to withstand whatever weather you track in — and provide a place to stow the mounds of coats, boots, hats and umbrellas that come with you in the winter.

“Especially in climates with snow, it’s mandatory to have a transition spot between outside and inside,” said Jean Stoffer, an interior designer in Grand Rapids, Mich. But while functionality is paramount, she added, “it’s always possible to make it look good, too.”

Designing a space that won’t be overwhelmed by all that paraphernalia isn’t easy. But there are plenty of tricks that can help, even if you’re dealing with a tiny hallway leading into an apartment.

Especially in a small space, what’s required is

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