Ty Pennington Reveals One of Home Design’s Hardest Decisions

In the first season of “Ty Breaker,” host Ty Pennington has seen a lot of small homes and a lot of damaged homes—but his latest house is both tiny and a total mess.

In the episode “A Sizable Renovation,” Pennington and guest designer Sabrina Soto set out to help Wendy and Evan, newlyweds who’ve recently bought an abandoned, partly demolished wreck of a house.

Pennington and Soto will need to spend their $200,000 budget wisely in order to turn this shack into the cute, functional honeymoon home this couple desires. Here’s how they pull it off, which might inspire some changes around your own home to make the most of your space, too.

Make your front porch feel like a bonus room

This porch is like an outdoor bonus room!


There’s no denying that Wendy and Evan’s house is short on space, and there’s only so much that

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Cleaning laminate floors in homes with dogs

The Ultimate Tips for Keeping Laminate Floors Clean in a Pet-Friendly Home  | All About Flooring

Can dogs scratch laminate floors (Piso laminado in spanish)? By its very nature and construction, laminate floors are durable and capable of withstanding scratches from even the largest dogs. However, they do happen sometimes, so we recommend keeping a laminate flooring repair kit on hand.

How to erase dog tracks from your laminate floors

One of our customer service experts knows the answer to this problem very well! She has two dogs that, when she feels like it, they start running around the house and leave footprints everywhere. This is her advice:

“I usually clean with a microfiber mop sprayed with a mixture of warm water and vinegar. Plus, the vinegar acts as an odor remover, so I don’t have to worry about doggy odor, especially after they’ve gotten wet on their daily walks. I installed my laminate flooring in 2006 and it still looks great. “

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