Tips To Bring a Blueprint to Life

When you design your own home from the ground up, the sky’s the limit when it comes to design. You get to choose the architectural style, the floor plan, and all the flourishes that make this place uniquely, well, you.

Sounds fun, right? It is, but figuring out what you want to build can also be incredibly intimidating. Before you start picking out tile and light fixtures, you need a plan.

In this final installment of our Guide To Building Your Own Home, we’ll help you focus on the joys—and potential pitfalls—of designing your space. We’ll show you where to get inspiration, how to narrow down your needs versus wants, ways to make trade-offs to stay on budget, and much more that will help your architectural plans come to life with as few hiccups as possible.

Where to get home design inspiration

You probably already have a picture

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A Paint that Proteks the Beauty of Your House

Hottest Exterior Paint Colors of 2018 | House paint exterior, Yellow house  exterior, Exterior paint colors for house

Building a home requires a lot of love, labour, care, and money. While the inhabitants of the house often come up with bright ideas and suggestions to beautify the interiors, little is done to keep the exterior of the home presentable and safe from the adversities of nature over the years. While nature will not change its course, you can undoubtedly choose a paint that will effectively protect your home from the vagaries of nature and keep it vibrant and beautiful round the clock. And, this is where you need a House painter to takes the game to a whole new level.

As the name suggests, Ultima Protek offers protection to your home by laminating it. Yes, you heard it right, we said by laminating your home and by lamination, we do not mean covering it with a layer of plastic, literally, but laminate it with the Ultima Protek Lamination … Read More

This is the perfect gray shade to paint your home office, according to interior design experts

The best grey paint for walls – as chosen by Ideal Home's editors and interior  design experts

You should choose gray as your home office paint colour, according to interior design experts. Gray is quite easily the most popular interior paint colour of the decade. We’ve seen it all by now – gray bedrooms, gray living rooms and hallways, but home offices? Click Interior painters cochrane ab to help you paint your interior.

You’re more likely to be recommended to paint yours white or even a vibrant colour (orange? purple?), with gray traditionally considered too calming or even depressing to use as part of your home office design. 

And yet, it turns out that gray was the most popular colour for home offices in 2020, and is highly recommended by interior design specialists. The key to getting it right, however, is choosing a very specific shade of gray. 

Choosing the shade correctly will make or break your gray home office color scheme.  The WFH Interiors Trend Report by analysed … Read More

Lawn Care As A Service?

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As often happens while engaged in a mundane task, my mind wandered while I was mowing my small suburban plot of green this weekend. “Why, in 2017, am I still mowing the lawn?” In a lot of ways we’re living in the future  — we walk around with fantastically powerful computers in our pockets, some of us have semi-autonomous cars, and almost anything can be purchased at the touch of a finger and delivered the next day or sooner. We even have robots that can vacuum the floor, so why not a robot lawnmower?

It turns out we do have robotic lawnmowers, but unfortunately, they kind of suck:

Bearing in mind that the video was produced by Husqvarna, it should come as no surprise that their entry in the robotic Lawn Care Leduc field was the top performer, and that other variables that would likely have challenged all the mowers equally, … Read More