The story behind picture rails and why so many San Francisco homes have them

A San Francisco apartment lease typically comes with a lot of conditions. You may be required to cover 75% of the hardwood floors in rugs or prohibited from burning candles or unable to host a pet that weighs more than 30 pounds. But perhaps the most common warning of all is about putting holes in the walls, a decision which could lead to a dip in the security deposit check when you eventually move out.

But for those in older buildings, there’s usually an easy workaround you may not have even realized existed — picture rails.

What you may initially mistake for crown molding is likely actually picture rail molding running horizontally around the room. It usually sits about a foot-and-a-half down from the edge where your walls meet your ceilings, and that molding is specifically there so that you can hang artwork or whatever else your heart desires from

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