Textile Best for your Custom-made Cushions

The choice of cushion not only affects comfort, but also the decisive design door in the room. Even if you want to create a minimalist-modernist style, choosing a handmade cushion cover can subtly complement or completely destroy your style or theme. 

It is not limited to colors, patterns and designs. The choice of fabric for your handmade cushions can also play an important role in the final feeling of space.

The beauty of the new seat cushion is that it enhances the colors, patterns and texture of the existing decoration scheme. Even if the new cushions look beautiful, it is also important to consider the effect of the choice of fabric and how it complements the interior of the room. 

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Tennis Superstar Maria Sharapova Ventures Into Furniture Design

In her first foray into the arena of furniture design, Maria Sharapova—tennis star, entrepreneur, aficionado of art and architecture—reaffirms the maxim that less is more. Her collection for Vancouver-based Rove Concepts gathers strength from elegantly distilled forms, refined details, neutral colors, and a marked emphasis on versatility and function. “I wanted to make sure that all the pieces work as extensions of people’s lives—pieces that complement the things they already live with,” says Sharapova, who honed her design bona fides during her travels across the globe as well as the process of crafting her own home in Los Angeles (AD, July/August 2019). “It was important that the collection look and feel as beautiful today as it will in five or ten years.”

Maria Rug.

Maria Rug.


Maria Sofa from The Maria Sharapova Collection for Rove Concepts.

Maria Sofa from The Maria Sharapova Collection for Rove Concepts.

Maria Side Table.

The initial offering encompasses a mix of multifunctional essentials—a sofa deep enough

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