Are You Prepared for the Major Home Renovations That Come With a Fixer-Upper?

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The housing market is red-hot and turbulent right now, so it’s no surprise that renovating a fixer-upper is often favored over purchasing something more move-in-ready. But a house in need of major repairs comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A refresher on the pros and cons of fixer-uppers — and some important tips to keep in mind when purchasing one — is always a welcome thing.

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Pros of Buying a Fixer-Upper Home

Whether you are buying your future forever home or investing in a house to flip, the first plus to buying a fixer-upper is the lower list price and down payment, as most fixer-uppers require major maintenance work and see less buyer competition.

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Tiny Home Village seeks funding to fill vacancies

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Bernalillo county spent nearly $5 million building the Tiny Home Village hoping to solve the city’s homeless population. But after having been open for more than a year, the majority of the homes are still empty. The county is asking for an additional half-million dollars to help fill the vacancies.

“We’re just looking at trying to get a little more operations funding for the village. This was a pilot program from the beginning. Once we got started we realized that the program design needed some adjustments,” Tiny Home Village Manager, Carolyn Chavez said.

Chavez says the $500,000 in annual funding will help provide around-the-clock care for the villagers which would include case managers through a contract with UNM, helping villagers move towards more sustainable housing.

“It’s really to provide the villagers with the day-to-day help that they need by transitioning from sleeping outside to trying to

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Ways to celebrate the Oscars at home, or out in New York City

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) — Cocktails and mocktails inspired by some of the Oscar contenders are being served up to celebrate Hollywood’s biggest night.

Maria Maria is a nod to “West Side Story” and has vodka, Campari, strawberry, lime, and ginger beer.

You can sip it on the Monarch Rooftop in Midtown, Manhattan.

It may be thousands of miles from the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, but screens will be set up so customers can watch and celebrate.

“We want everyone to dress up, RSVP only, a night out as if we were at the Oscars ourselves,” said Evie Carona, Monarch Rooftop.

At Oscar Wilde, a Manhattan spot named for the playwright, they’re going all out for their Academy Awards fete.

From decorations to the $65 Prix fix which includes items like pork belly buns, organic grilled chicken, and Creme brulee.

“We want to kind of go, if Oscar Wilde was

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SEO: How to Super Search with Advanced Operators

Have you ever typed a phrase into Google and been disappointed with the results?

This collection of advanced search operators will help you narrow the results to get closer to what you’re looking for. As a search marketing practitioner, I use advanced search operators to understand which areas of a site Google has indexed and how my clients’ competitors are marketing their products. You can do the same with your company and its products.

Since most of the operators can be combined in various ways to produce different results, I’ll start with the foundational operators before moving on to the super search variety.

Note that spacing and capitalization are important in some operators — pay close attention to the examples for formatting.

Foundational Search Operators in Google

Operator Description Example
OR This query signals that you want either one word or another, but not both. The word “OR” must be
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