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and an enveloping sense of finely-tuned elegance reign supreme in this East Hampton beach house, flooded with natural light and swathed in cool neutral tones that reflect the sweeping beauty of the coastal atmosphere. Owned by a New York-based couple who are avid art collectors, the house was originally built in the ’90s and has been refurbished to reflect the pair’s shared love of mid-century, modern and contemporary art and design. The man responsible for bringing their vision to life is revered Hampton-based designer Timothy Godbold, whose intuitive approach to the delicate interplay between space, form, luminosity and color, has garnered him worldwide critical acclaim.





his signature minimalism to this costal residence, Godbold has created spacious and warm interiors that evince a compelling connection between architectural and tonal components. Indeed, his sleek lines of design bring new ‘shape’ to rooms, while organic silhouettes such as the curvature of

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Why Link-Worthy Content Wins and How to Make Most of It

You simply cannot outrank your competitors in SEO without building quality backlinks, especially when you are working in a highly competitive niche. Big brands hire link builders and spend tens of thousands of dollars to gain high-quality backlinks that help them rank.

There is nothing wrong with it but what if I tell you that there is another way out to get those quality backlinks without burning your pockets deep.

Yes, you guessed it right! That’s where the link-worthy content comes in. You are creating content that acts as a magnet and attracts backlinks naturally.

Here are two paramount reasons that make link-worthy content an absolute winner:

  1. First and foremost important, you don’t need to pay and spend a superfluous amount of time to get your brand featured with a backlink.
  2. Once your “link-worthy piece of content” starts ranking, you can just sit back and relax. No outreach is needed
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