Things to consider when buying wine racks

The ability to maintain your own personalised bottle library is one of the nicest aspects of having a drink. When you know “what are wine coolers” and read all about them. There’s another kind called wine rack that can be used as an alternative to it. A wine rack in your kitchen or dining area also adds personality to the space. Wine stands are storing design components that include shelves and glass organisers as well as provide a room with a unique appearance. Following are the things to consider when buying a tall slim wine rack;

  1. Size and capacity

First of all and importantly, you’ll need a wine rack that will work in your area and handle the number of glasses you’ll have to keep. If you want to expand your catalogue and keep a large quantity, you should definitely make room in your house for a … Read More

A Colour Infused Home Interior With Playful Personality

Why select just one accent colour when you create a cheerful and uplifting look with a celebration of colour? This modern home design uses a blend of bright and muted colour tones to fashion a fresh interior that’s full of playful personality–without causing a migraine. Designed by Anastasia Zarkua, this inviting home design features a compact living room that’s splashed with artistic elements and colourful pizazz, a botanical home workspace, and a custom hallway storage solution that takes care of just about every need. The master bedroom is accented with an eye-catching blue wallcovering, whilst the kitchen comes alive with green cabinetry and a sweet, sunny dining area.

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