Cam’ron Hosts Home Renovation Show ‘Hip-Hop My House’ In New Paramount+ Trailer

Cam’ron has cemented himself as an icon in the world of rap, but his business acumen knows no bounds. Now, the veteran rapper is taking his stature and legendary status to Paramount+ as the host of a new Hip-Hop-themed home makeover show called Hip-Hop My House. The upcoming MTV branded show will see the Dipset General alongside interior designer Zeez Louize as they look to give various properties the hook-up.

In the show’s new trailer, the duo bounces from home to home as they attempt to give homeowners and superfans the aesthetic of their Rap-focused dreams. Throughout the designing journey, fans of Cam’ron and the home-renovation genre can expect to see all the dramatics of the makeover journey as houses transition from rags to riches.

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Forthcoming episodes will feature them renovating busted-up houses and giving them a Hip-Hop-themed makeover drawing experience from artists such as

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Inventive Art-Filled Home Interior With Nature-Inspired Elements

Laconic in its gallery-white base, yet filled with intriguing objects, this home design is a journey of both simplicity and discovery. Created by Shexia Space Design for a client who has a unique outlook on life and a burning passion for art, this 450 square metre home interior oozes originality. Alongside artistic infusions, the focus of this home composition is bright light, nature-inspired objects, and easy intercommunication. Classical and modern elements collide. Living spaces are open, airy, and inspiring, conjuring feelings of freedom and imaginativeness. Foundation decor is paled back and largely plain, breaking only momentarily for stirring feature walls and luxe marble junctures.

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How To Beautifully Equip And Furnish Your Office On A Budget

If you’re like most people today, you almost certainly feel of office furniture as high-priced and out of access. But which is not generally the situation. You can get higher-good quality home furniture for a portion of the value by purchasing good. Below are some ideas to enable you furnish your business on a spending plan:

1. Shop at low cost retailers.

Initially and foremost, do not be afraid to store at lower price suppliers. You can obtain wonderful deals on household furniture at spots like IKEA, Concentrate on, and Walmart. Not only that, but you can also uncover discount rates on home furniture at on the net stores like and Amazon.

To obtain the greatest discounts, be positive to check out the clearance sections and glimpse for gross sales. Also, never overlook to use coupon codes!

2. Purchase employed home furniture.

Another fantastic way to conserve revenue is

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