Travail chef cooks up a major renovation for his home kitchen in Minnetonka

Travail Kitchen and Amusements chef and co-owner Bob Gerken credits Springfield-style cashew chicken, invented in his home state of Missouri, for inspiring him to open a restaurant.

A staple where Gerken grew up, the dish is a deep-fried riff on the original recipe created by an enterprising Chinese immigrant in the 1950s. His version became so popular that it spawned dozens of small mom-and-pop Chinese restaurants in the area.

“My friend’s parents owned some of these places, made money off this dish, and had really good lives,” he said. “Plus, it was so cool that we could walk in and eat for free.”

Gerken was also influenced by his Filipino mother, who cooked from scratch every day: Midwest staples like steak and mashed potatoes for her American husband and four kids, plus the food she loved — fish, rice, homemade pickles and stir-fries.

Kitchen table wisdom

But it’s his dad,

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Window Film Ideas to Create Decorative Glass Around Your Home for Less

How to transform your glass front cabinets, furniture, shower doors, windows, and glass interior doors using decorative glass window film.

reeded glass cabinet door using decorative window film in a kitchen with bowl of peaches, tray, and vintage art

Our house has a secret weapon in terms of hiding clutter behind French doors, glass closet doors, and cabinets, and I only just now realized it: decorative glass window film.

What is Decorative Window Film?

These self-adhering films come in a variety of patterns, shades, and textures, and they’re a beautiful budget-friendly way to turn plain glass into a work of art all around the home.

If you ever want to add charm to a builder basic house, decorative window films can make any glass surface look like a historical antique piece.

It’s so much cheaper than using real specialty glass and much more DIY-friendly! Plus, it’s removable if your style changes later.

Seriously. I’ve used window film a lot, around here (because let’s just say… I have a lot

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Simplifying Summer Home Maintenance – Today’s Homeowner

Pressure washing a wood fence for summer home maintenance
A speedy tension wash will make your fence glance model new. (RoschetzkkylstockPhoto, Getty Photos Professional)

Household upkeep is a year-round function, but some tasks just make a lot more sense to do in the summer months.

Our 4 Seasons of Homeownership Summer Checklist, which divides will have to-do jobs by the time of yr, is a good way to stay on top of your household servicing assignments.

With aid from our friends at The Residence Depot, we’ve compiled this listing of well timed chores to keep your house cleanse and comfy.

Pay attention to this distinctive-version Today’s Property owner Podcast, and observe alongside down below, to master all about the best summer months residence upkeep tasks!

Accumulair titanium mini pleat air conditioner filter
Switching the air conditioner filter helps make your AC perform superior to hold you cooler. (3 Echoes Information Studio)

1. Modify AC & Heating Technique Filters

Regularly shifting your HVAC system’s

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