3 Tips and Tricks for Choosing Your Dream House Paint Color

20 Inspiring Exterior House Paint Color Scheme Ideas

Confused about choosing a good house wall paint color ? The choice of paint color is an important thing when Toppers want to renovate or build a house . There are many factors that you have to pay attention to, starting from the design of the house, the impression you want to see, to the lighting.

If you choose the wrong color, the paint color can create an unpleasant atmosphere and family members don’t feel comfortable staying at home for long. So that Toppers don’t regret or bother repainting in the future because they are not satisfied, let’s pay attention to some tips and tricks for choosing a good house paint color!

1. Know the Model House

The first step that must be done before choosing a house paint color is to recognize the model of your own house. Is the model minimalist? Modern? Westerns? Classic? Or is it traditional?

In building or renovating a house, the basic concept of a house model has an important role because this will affect the type of furniture that will fill the house, the shape and arrangement of each room, and of course, the paint color of the house.

2. Determine the Mood You Want to Create from Home

This process requires in-depth discussion with family members. Do you want the house to be painted with the same color palette for every room, or is it tailored to the wishes of each room owner? What mood or impression do you want to create from the whole house: cheerful, simple, luxurious, elegant, or warm?

In order for the house to give a cheerful and vibrant effect, a combination of bright colors such as bright yellow, aqua, white, and pink is the right choice. If you want to give a luxurious impression, choose monochrome colors such as black, navy blue, gray, and white.

On the other hand, if the mood you want to set is warm, Toppers can paint the house in beige, brown, orange, or green. Considering the mood of each room is also important.

Bright colors such as bright red or orange are certainly not suitable for use as bedroom paint because they will make it difficult for the owner of the room to feel sleepy. You can visit sell my house fast jacksonville.

3. Create a Color Palette

Discuss with the architect or builder of your house about the color palette that will be used as a guide for painting the house. Toppers can create their own color palette, look for color combination inspiration from the internet, or observe the trend of house paint colors that are currently ‘ in ‘.

See and match the main color of the house with various other colors. Consider the complementary colors , compare the colors that will be used as the main colors of the house with similar color shades , or even with contrasting colors (for example, red and blue, green and brown, yellow and white). You can use Painting services Sydney.

Don’t miss out, also think about the type of finish you want: Matte, satin , or glossy . Mixing different types of finishing can also have a different effect on the room, you know.

The point is, don’t be lazy to experiment and often discuss with those who helped build the Toppers house.