5 ideas for front garden design that will inspire you

5 ideas for front garden design that will inspire you

Picture of a frant garden with plants and hedges

Do you pay special attention to your front garden? Have you decorated it with plants or have you installed special lighting to make it more inviting?

Although it’s natural to focus more on your back garden design, since it’s generally a larger and more intimate space, your front garden plays a vital role in your home’s first impressions. Whether you have a large space in front of your home or a small driveway, creating a green and inviting front garden doesn’t have to be time consuming and expensive.

If you’re looking for a few simple design solutions that inspire you to add extra life to your front garden design, we’ve prepared our top 5 design ideas, to maximise even the smallest of front gardens and help you transform your outdoor space.

1. Adding greenery

Picture of a front garden with lots of greenery

Are you looking for a low maintenance front garden? Use evergreens or other foliage plants which remain green for more than one season. They will elevate your garden’s appeal without requiring a lot of work from your behalf. Investing in a low maintenance front garden will help you create your perfect green oasis without the need for green fingers.

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2. Shapely hedges

Picture of a garden with shapely hedges

Adding elements of luxury to your front garden doesn’t have to be complicated. With expert hardscaping details and shapely hedges, you can design and create the perfect front garden to come home to.

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3. Shallow planting beds

Picture of a front garden with shallow planting beds

Unsure how to display some bright and beautiful floral arrangements in your front garden? Shallow planting beds are the ideal addition to your front garden to include flowers without fear of them being walked on or driven over. You can choose from a wide range of flowers to brighten your front garden without breaking the bank. 

4. Front garden driveway planting

Picture of a front garden with a driveway and plants

Adding plants and greenery along your driveway allows you to incorporate your home’s aesthetic to your outside spaces as well. Whether it’s a rustic, muted display with dark greenery to line your driveway or colourful bright flowers to attract pollinating bees, driveway design ideas are endless and can suit every budget.

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5. Front garden fencing

Picture of a front garden with a white fence

Fencing off your front garden can be a cheap yet impactful way to suit your needs and enhance your home’s look. Front garden fencing ranges from picket to stone, neutral or colourful and wooden or steel. Whether it’s to hide an unsightly aspect of your front garden or add to the garden design, you can easily refresh your curb appeal with fencing.

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