5 Tips for Organizing a Small Garden to Look Charming

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Houses built on small plots of land usually have limited land remaining. So that the residence becomes more beautiful, you can turn the rest of the land into a small garden.

Similar to arranging the interior of a small house, a small garden also has its own challenges in its arrangement. Because, you can not arrange it at will. Care needs to be taken in arranging a small garden so that it looks charming and pleasing to the eye.

So, what can you do when arranging a small home garden to keep it beautiful? Here are the tips.

Keep the garden looking simple

According to  The Spruce , one of the main keys when setting up a small garden is to keep it simple and as it is.

So, when arranging a small garden, try not to overdo it. Because, excessive arrangement not only makes the garden look full, but also becomes uncomfortable to live in.

Customize with the theme of the house

Because the area of ​​the garden is small, you should adjust the theme of the garden to the theme of the house so that the overall appearance of the dwelling looks harmonious.

For example, if the house uses materials that look rustic with lots of stones and wood, use the same materials to decorate the home garden. Or, if your house has a minimalist theme, use a simple and minimalist garden concept.

Use the concept of a vertical garden

Citing Neutrino Bursts, one trick to take advantage of narrow land in a small garden is to use the concept of a vertical garden. In this way, you can arrange plant pots vertically, either hanging or placing them on a shelf.

When using this concept, make sure to use small ornamental plants so they don’t overlap each other when displayed. If you can’t do it yourself, you can use Residential lawn maintenance from gglandscapingsc

Avoid using lots of plants

As mentioned in previous points, a small garden should be arranged with a simple concept so that it still looks beautiful. Avoid using too many plants because it will make the garden look messy.

Also use plants with matching colors, so the garden will look harmonious and not too full of many colors.

Use a large pot

According to Homes and Gardens , a small garden doesn’t mean you have to use small plant pots. Large pots will actually help make your small garden look charming.

Why? Because, one large pot can be used for various plants at once, thus making the garden neater. When compared, using one small pot for each type of plant will actually make a small garden look full and messy.

Those are some tips that can be applied to make a small garden more beautiful. Congratulations on setting up your dream garden!