American Shutters: Throw shade at summer with shutters and awnings.

American Shutters: Throw shade at summer with shutters and awnings.

While we all enjoy sunny summer days, rising temperatures can quickly make the heat unbearable – inside or out.

“Ironically, enjoying summer relies on our ability to escape its sunshine and heat when we become uncomfortable,” says Duncan Snyman marketing director at American Shutters. “Our homes should be that escape.”

As the company notes: “Intelligently designed homes make the most of summer; from orientation to insulation, from ventilation to lighting, architecture to interior design. The best summer homes not only integrate the indoors and outdoors but create protected outdoor spaces that allow you to enjoy your patio, pool or garden in comfort and create indoor spaces that let in the sunshine and fresh air as and when you want it.”

Luckily, American Shutters can help with graceful and practical shutters and awnings for comfortable summer living. Especially in the face of consistent load shedding when running the AC and fans to cool your home is not possible.

Their range of custom-made shutters is a practical and elegant door and window covering that not only controls light, temperature and ventilation but also offers privacy and security benefits.

Clients can choose between industry-leading aluminium security shutters, cost-effective
Decowood shutters, Normandy shutters, white oak shutters and Woodbury waterproof shutters, which are ideal for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms.

“Shutters are so versatile,” says Duncan. “Closing or tilting the louvres blocks or directs natural light and ventilation and with separate louvre banks, you can set each shutter panel’s louvres differently, ensuring you still see the view.”

For even better results, it is advised that clients pair their shutters with an awning. This way, Duncan says, “your shutters can remain completely open thanks to the shade the awning provides”.

“Just like shutters, awnings are versatile; they can be extended or retracted as required, not to mention the wide range of styles, shapes, fabrics and automation.”

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