Are You Extra Satisfied After Cleaning Your Bathroom? It’s the Most Rewarding Space to Tackle, New Study Finds


Woman cleaning bathroom sink with sponge

Woman cleaning bathroom sink with sponge

Westend61 / Getty Images

When it comes to cleaning your house, scrubbing down each surface can end up feeling like a daunting task. But once it’s done, many people still feel satisfied at the end of the day. According to a new survey with 2,000 United States residents conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Stanley Steemer, seven in 10 of the respondents felt like a new person after cleaning their home. Plus, 48 percent noted their excitement from seeing a freshly-cleaned space and 42 percent looked forward to smelling the rooms after they finished cleaning.

Many people like the idea of talking about their home after cleaning it, too. Forty-seven percent noted that they brag after cleaning the inside of their home and 45 percent brag about cleaning the outside of their house. Surprisingly, three in five people surveyed revealed that they will make a mess on purpose just to feel post-cleaning satisfaction.

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As for the most satisfying room to clean at home? The bathroom, according to 37 percent of those surveyed. Some 30 percent reported that they enjoy deep cleaning their bedrooms the most. The respondents also said that they don’t clean certain areas as often: The windows (30 percent), the back of the TV (30 percent), and underneath the furniture (29 percent).


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