Best Winter Design Requests In Happy Home DLC

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Happy Home Paradise DLC welcomes players to the Happy Home Archipelago to create vacation homes for its many villagers, and players with a love of winter wonderlands will find a number of villagers on the archipelago who request winter-themed designs. Their requests range from chilly to cozy, giving players a wide range of options for furniture, wallpapers, and even lighting effects. Players can create homes for villagers by either speaking with them on the archipelago’s beach or inviting them via Amiibo using the Amiibo Scanner in the Paradise Planning office.


Each vacation home in Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Paradise is designed around a specific theme based on the villager’s request, and there are several homes that are themed around each of the four seasons so players can get both festive and creative. In addition, each of the Happy Home Archipelago’s many

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This 1970s home in Preston Hollow was reimagined by sisters with a modern design

For real estate investors, listing agents and sisters Nadia Fakih and Sarah Fakih, this Preston Hollow property gave them the opportunity to design their dream house. Though the sisters haven’t lived in the home — it’s an investment property — they were involved in its redesign.

The sisters purchased the house, as part of a larger real estate investment group, when it was in disrepair. The home had been damaged when the October 2019 tornado tore through North Texas, they said. Sarah Fakih said that multiple people told them to tear it down and start anew — especially since much of the home had been picked through for materials — but the sisters decided to work with the remnants of the home.

“We bought this because we love the flow of it,” Sarah Fakih “The building, the house itself, has a lot of integrity. We didn’t want to tear

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2022 home design colors, tile and other trends for the Pacific Northwest

Your once-makeshift home office is now probably all dialed in. Other upgrades made quickly to stay put during the coronavirus pandemic have also most likely been sorted out. Now it’s time for home improvements not decided in a hurry.

To inspire you, here are expected home design and renovation trends for 2022, as noted by designers with Neil Kelly, a design-build remodel and home improvement company that started in Portland seven decades ago.

Natural and Organic Style
The sculptural freestanding tub and reclaimed cedar wall paneling create a visual connection with nature in this master bathroom.

Design by Janel Campbell | Photo by Darius Kuzmickas/KuDa Photography

The sculptural freestanding tub and reclaimed cedar wall paneling create a visual connection with nature in this bathroom designed by Janel Campbell.Darius Kuzmickas/KuDa Photography

People who seek tranquil, clutter-free homes are incorporating shapes, colors and textures found in nature. Warmer browns, greens and blues, as well as curving lines, visually bring the outside in and that “can help people feel more grounded,” said Neil Kelly design director Barbara Miller.

Idea: A sculptural, freestanding tub

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Animal Crossing Fan’s Crafty Design Gives Their Home A Rooftop Garden

A player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has devised a clever rooftop garden design, adding a new usable space to their character’s home.

A player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has crafted a rooftop garden for their home by getting creative with the game’s design tools and features. Animal Crossing optical illusion designs can be created with out-of-the-box thinking from crafty fans, leading to unique and exciting builds not typically allowed in the game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets players use its terraforming tools, decorative items, and range of features to design almost anything they can imagine, but the game does have its limits. Since its launch in 2020, fans have had to find workarounds for many build ideas, using items as replacements for others not available in-game. Such workarounds have included hats designed to mimic food, or Simple Panels with custom patterns used to emulate brick walls or cityscapes.

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