Want to Learn Face Painting? Just try it first, start using the existing makeup

A New Report Says Over 50 Percent of Face Paints and Cosmetics Marketed to  Kids Are Toxic - Face Painting Supplies

Painting on paper or canvas media, of course, has become a common thing to do, but what if the media used is a face? It’s definitely unique and interesting! This recent trend of face painting is being favored by the beauty enthusiast ya girl. Doing makeup while painting faces with various themes and characters is definitely a unique activity.

For those of you who are also interested in doing it, of course, you must have a special face paint! The face paint or face painting used is definitely different from ordinary makeup, right. Face painting usually has more diverse colors and has a stronger intensity. The ingredients used must also be safe for facial skin that tends to be more sensitive. Well, here are some product recommendations that you can try girls.

Now, more and more people are in the world of face painting. This makeup is indeed unique … Read More

7 Reasons to Have a Business in Dubai

7 Benefits of Setting up a Business in Dubai

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a very diverse population. Because, about 80 percent of the population is immigrants. In just a short time, Dubai has become a very busy city and is developing non-stop. The following are 10 reasons why MICE businesses from all over the world must look to Dubai as a location for conducting business activities.

1. Easy to access

Dubai’s exact location in the center of the world map makes it a very busy hub. Dubai International Airport is the number one busiest hub airport in the world with traffic of around 83 million international passengers throughout 2016.

Around 150 airlines operate at Dubai’s two airports, connecting to more than 280 destinations around the world. Dubai’s newest airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, will have a capacity of up to 240 million passengers when fully operational. Emirates is Dubai’s national airline, flying to and from 150 destinations … Read More


Maison sur toit avec piscine à Thonon - Barnes Léman

Avant de vendre une propriété, les vendeurs sont souvent confrontés à la question de savoir s’ils doivent vendre avec ou sans agent immobilier.

Avantages de la vente avec une agence immobilière de prestige à thonon 

Quand je parle de vendre avec une agence immobilière de prestige à thonon , je veux dire un agence immobilière de qualité. Malheureusement, il existe de nombreuses agences immobilières dont la qualité de service est médiocre et les avantages mentionnés ici peuvent ne pas s’appliquer à elles.

Vous toucherez un nombre beaucoup plus important d’acheteurs potentiels

L’agence immobilière de prestige à thonon  disposent d’un meilleur marketing et peuvent donc atteindre un nombre beaucoup plus important d’acheteurs potentiels que les auto-vendeurs sans expérience de la vente et du marketing.

Un vendeur indépendant est un propriétaire vendeur qui vend son bien lui-même sans passer par un agent immobilier.

Si vous êtes un spécialiste du … Read More

3 Tips For Bringing Your Elderly Parents To Live In Your Home

6 Top Tips for Helping Seniors Move | A Place for Mom

If you have elderly parents that can no longer safely live on their own, you may be tasked with finding the right housing situation for them now that they won’t be living in their own house anymore. While moving them into an assisted living facility is an option, many people also choose to have their parents move into their home with them and their families. 

If this is the situation that you’re soon going to find yourself in, here are three tips for bringing your elderly parents to live in your home with you and your family. 

Speak Openly With Your Family And Your Parents

Before you finalize this decision, you’ll first want to make sure that you’ve spoken openly with everyone that this decision is going to affect.

During these conversations, encourage everyone to voice their concerns, fears, and expectations. Only with this information out in the open … Read More