Automate your home’s cleaning with big discounts on Prime Day from Roborock


Amazon has announced that Prime Day will kick off on the 12th of July this year. And with it comes a huge array of products at a discount; among these tools are a host of automatic vacuum cleaners from Roborock.

If you’re looking for easy-to-use, automated vacuums to help you clean up your place, then you can’t go wrong with Roborock products. Let’s check them out.

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Roborock vacuum cleaner: Up to 44% off on selected products

If you’re looking for robot vacuums that will clean your place effectively and easily, you should grab one of the Roborock vacuum cleaners. Winners of multiple international awards, Roborock is a household name for straightforward, intelligent home cleaning products.


Here’s a list of products available this Prime Day:

  1. Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum and Mop: $349.99 down from $549.99
  2. Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop: $429.99 down from $649.99
  3. Roborock S7+ Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop with Auto-Empty Dock: $709.99 down from $949.98
  4. Roborock S7MaxV Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop: $769.99 down from $859.99
  5. Roborock S7 MaxV Plus Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop with Auto-Empty Dock: $1029.99 down from $1159.99
  6. Roborock E5 Mop Robot Vacuum Cleaner: $199.99 down from $359.99
  7. Roborock Q7+ Robot Vacuum with Self-Empty Dock Pure: $639.99 down from $799.99
  8. Roborock Q7 Max+ Robot Vacuum and Mop with Auto: $695.99 down from $869.00
  9. Roborock Dyad Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum with Dual Self: $314.99 down from $449.99

Get bang for your buck with Roborock robot vacuums

With the massive arsenal of Roborock robot vacuums and mops to pick from, keeping your house clean has never been easier.

The S5 Max, for instance, is an all-in-one vacuum and mop that comes packed with neat features that make your involvement almost redundant. For example, with its Integrated Mopping System, you can choose the intensity of your cleansing session for different needs. Moreover, you can also control it with your voice or touch, right from your smartphone Roborock app.

The Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop is a beast of a vacuum and mop cleaner. It’s the winner of TIME’s Best Invention 2021 award. Its main selling point, the Sonic Mopping Technology, lets your mop scrub up to 3,000 times per minute. This means it can wipe out even the stickiest of dirt off your floor.

And then there’s the Roborock S7+ Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop. On top of the sonic technology offered in the S7 model, the S7+ also carries high-powered suction tech of power 2500Pa that doesn’t leave any dirt behind. It also offers an in-built filtration system that captures and locks up the tiniest of dirt particles (as small as 0.3 microns6).

The Roborock S7MaxV Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop is your answer to doing more with less. With a suction power of, 5100Pa, the mop won’t leave even the tiniest bit of dirt behind. Apart from the all other features covered above, the product also comes with a multi-directional floating brush, 3D mapping feature, voice control, and so on.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Plus Robot Vacuum is a notch up on its older version and comes with its own quality features. Automatic dust collection gets up to 120-days, and an in-built camera for object detection, are some that stand out.

E5 MOP is a straightforward Roborock vacuum mop. It offers a 2500Pa strong suction and simple, easy app control.

The Roborock Q7+ Robot Vacuum comes with a self-empty vacuum that stays clean for up to 7 weeks. Add to this the 2700Pa suction and 180 minutes of runtime, and the vacuum is a bargain at this price point.

The Roborock Q7 Max+ Robot Vacuum and Mop comes with a powerful 4200Pa suction, comfortable app control monitoring, and LiDAR navigation.

Finally, we have Roborock Dyad Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum, a fully manual vacuum cleaner. With its edge-to edge-cleaning and DyadPower System, the vacuum won’t leave any dirt left behind. At the current price point, we consider it a bargain.

Grab huge discounts on Roborock vacuums and mops

The Roborock vacuums and mops are available at a huge discount this Prime Day. So make sure you don’t miss out and grab one today.


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