Autumn Interiors and Fall Favorites

The transition to fall is full of color and ample design inspiration. Whether you love sweater weather, earthy tones, or seasonal motifs, seasonal style is easily within reach. Here are a few ideas for fabulous fall interiors.

Get Steeped in Color

If there’s one way to usher in fall, color tops the list. Shades of pumpkin, burgundy, and wheat are reminiscent of harvest hues and bountiful palettes. Maybe you’re taken by the changing colors of fall leaves or the promise of pumpkin chai lattes. Here’s how to find your unique color story.

Festive Flair

Holidays have long since influenced seasonal design and Halloween is no exception. Orange and black form the backbone of this iconic color palette though softer variations are equally appropriate for your own iteration. Choose a warm shade of orange, deep coffee brown, or charcoal gray for an adult take on your haunted holiday home.

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Rooted Hues

If autumn has you dreaming of seasonal eats, tap into visuals like butternut squash and apple galette. Draw from farmers’ market fare like burgundy beets, toasted pumpkin, or golden honey for color inspiration. If you’re looking for something more subtle, opt for other tones in lighter shades of sweet and savory. Just like foods themselves, choosing the right palette is a matter of personal preference.


Sugar & Spice

Fall isn’t complete without warm aromatics like spiced chai and homemade apple cider. Seasonal scents like cinnamon, cloves, ginger or cardamom evoke warmth and comfort in a cozy home. Choose from dark browns like mahogany and walnut or earthy reds like copper and ocher. If you like your coffee with a little more cream, lighter shades of almond or oat help round out your home.

Leather chairs in the family room

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Muted Greens

While not the traditional pick, muted greens and natural tones are viable options. Imagine yourself on an afternoon walk at the peak of the season: what colors do you see? Besides the autumn leaf shades of red, orange and yellow, a blend of taupe, tan and faded forest green color the landscape. Try these near neutrals for a relaxed autumn alternative.

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Tactile Materials

Welcoming fall is as easy as integrating tactile design. We tend to associate fall with specific texture like hayrides, comfy sweaters and burlap fabrics. Here are a few ways to embrace all the feels in time for fall.

Texture and Twine

If you’re looking for a simple way to transform your décor, twine might do the trick. This humble material is as useful as it is decorative and can play up everyday objects. Use twine to adorn candles, vases, flowers or detailed craft projects. Between its coarse texture and natural color, this simple solution ticks all the boxes.

Love in Layers

Seasonal changes don’t happen overnight though the cooler nights and crisp weather do slowly set in. Living in layers is part of the fall experience including your interior design approach. Start with lighter layers and throws early on and add blankets and duvets later down the line. A layered look adds more dimension and interest so opt for layers, depth, and complexity.

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Natural Nuance

An intuitive way to add texture to interiors is by integrating natural accents. Think of decorative touches like ornamental gourds for natural color and texture. Other elements like pinecones, pumpkins, or pip berries draw on local materials for home interiors. Bringing in a touch of the outdoors helps elevate your space and echo the season.

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Seasonal Substance

One of the fastest ways to transition into fall is by changing out design objects. Choose from autumn originals like elegant wreaths or seasonally inspired art. Get creative with your design for fall style all your own.

Hang a Wreath

A wreath is most commonly thought of for winter or Christmas decorations but no one’s stopping you from a seasonal expression. Choose from natural materials like grapevine or fall fabrics layered on a metal base. Add dried flowers, foliage or ribbon for tone and texture or create a live wreath for serious interiors.


Autumn Art

If you’re looking for color in smaller doses, try changing out seasonal art with staples in your home. Sometimes, simple prints introduce new moods or fall colors while vintage art is another option. Framed fabrics, quilts or blankets double as visual value so consider them for artistic merit. When it comes to design, everything is fair game.


Updated Throw Pillows

A simple way to update your décor is by integrating new throw pillows. Outdoor seating areas, sofas and beds all benefit from this simple style switch. Use fall prints like plaids or other seasonal motifs. Coordinating styles, sizes and fabrics help tie everything together.

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Final Thoughts

Gearing up for fall presents a myriad of design opportunities. Let your excitement for fall inform your space and guide your style. Whether you’re interested in color, texture, design objects or focus features, autumn aesthetics are yours for the choosing. Until next time, keep it stylish and seasonal!

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