Imminent is days of festivities. Christmas is a season that brings joy and cheers to our homes. The best part is the celebrations are not limited to a particular day, but throughout December and extends even to the next month. The winter marks the beginning of the festive season, and there is no better place to start the celebration than from our homes. Deck the halls with elegant Christmas statements that add a joyful folly into the interiors. A few clever Christmas alternatives like a Christmas themed curtain rod would enhance the vibe and bring a positive feeling into the interiors.

Curtains Dubai Rod

This blog from Curtains Abu Dhabi is a pristine attempt to aid our readers to go for a budget-friendly interior decoration this Christmas. The first step in a budget-friendly interior renovation is knowledge on where to spend and where to save money. Always go for an eternal trend while buying Christmas decor so that, it serves as a timeless piece of statement every Christmas.

Christmas Checklist

Here is a Christmas Checklist that ensures an appealing Blinds Dubai renovation styling to make your homes an exquisite place of retreat. .


Christmas is a vibrant season with tinges of gold, green, red, silver, and white flooded all around. However, choosing a multichromatic tone imparts a more dramatic look. It is always suggestible to go tonal with a single or two shades. Pick your festive colour for the season and choose a complimentary colour to create a subtle and elegant space. Neutral, silver and gold coloured Christmas decors deftly stand out in elegance and are hence ideal for bringing a festive vibe into the interiors.
Transfer the festive vibe to your windows by employing curtain hardware with metallic rods and fancy finials. Pops of bright red and green instantly offers a festive look to a neutral home.
There are exquisite Christmas themed curtains available that enrich the interiors with a Christmas vibe. A white voile curtain when decorated with a few Christmas statements gets splendid with a festive vibe.


Each year marks updates in the Christmas tree with the latest decor and miniature statement additions to enhance the appeal. However, live trees are always an eyecatching statement. But if you find it hectic to incorporate a potted Christmas tree in your home, find ways to make your tree look grown and sourced.
To enhance the appeal by incorporating a tree styling that makes the tree look grand, we can even suspend a Christmas tree from the ceiling with curtain rod brackets. The styling does not just ensure aesthetics but serves as a better idea in homes with pets and babies.

Tree Ornaments

Tree decoration gives hope for wild decoration ideas. Getting our children involved in the process of tree decoration is the best part of Christmas.
Also, we can decorate our curtain rods with finials that complement the tree decorations and can be customized with glitter, paint and sequence.


Who doesn’t love the fairy lights look the Christmas imparts? Decorate your homes with Christmas statements and for a change, roll a string of light on a wooden or metallic matte-finished curtain rod, that deftly brings a Christmas vibe into the interiors.


Garlands, bunting and lights add magic to a festive interior with pristine finishes. Hanging a garland throughout the window frame using the curtain rod imparts an exquisite appeal to the interiors. Curtains Dubai can also go for a unicolour curtain idea, particularly colours, green, red and white, and hang Christmas wreaths and messages on it. It brings a rustic charm to the interiors.


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