Interior Design Powerhouse Kathy Kuo Is All About the Career Pivot

Glamour’s Women to Watch series spotlights women who are redefining what it means to be an influencer. Yes, they have “personal brands” and rapidly growing social followings—but in some way, each of these women is pushing the boundaries of what an influencer should look like, act like, or stand for. Their very presence is broadening the scope, which gives them the space to have actual influence: These women are changing conversations, dictating trends, and creating style. And they’re just getting started.

Every day more than a million people log in to Design Home, an interior design game that allows users to decorate virtual homes using real-life pieces from brands like Joybird, West Elm, and Williams-Sonoma. And if you’re one them, you might feel a slight thrill when you hear the name Kathy Kuo Home.

“People definitely recognize me now,” Kuo tells me. The interior and industrial designer opened her

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Advantages Of Living In An Apartment

10 Benefits of Living In An Apartment | Ovation Blog

Living in an apartment will make life easier for you. The reason is, by living in an apartment, you get many advantages as follows:

Strategic Location

You certainly know that usually apartments are built in the city center. This location is indeed an important aspect of the apartment that affects property prices in general. Of course everyone wants to live in a luxurious residence or in a crime-free environment, a location close to work, and modern facilities.

Well, this apartment is able to stand in a strategic location that every occupant wants, such as close to work, shopping centers, schools, transportation facilities, and so on. That way it will be easier for you to carry out activities without draining transportation costs to go to these places.

Better Lifestyle

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Know 5 Benefits of Fertilizer, Not Just for Plants to Grow

Yes, You Really Do Need to Fertilize Your Plants | Better Homes & Gardens

There are many ways that you can do to make plants in the yard of residence can grow beautifully. One of them is to use fertilizers that are believed to provide nutrients to the soil and make plants grow healthily.

For those of you who have a new hobby of caring for plants , Kania will discuss the sundries and functions of fertilizer for plants so that you can use them optimally. Come on, find out the details below!

Definition of Fertilizer

Fertilizer is a material consisting of one or more nutrients to nourish plants so that they can grow and develop optimally. Made from a variety of main ingredients, you can use natural types of fertilizers such as natural phosphate, manure, green manure, or compost, as well as those made from chemicals such as NPK, ZA, and urea.

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Recently opened home model center in Casa Grande unveils new designs

What are the features you’re looking for in a dream home? Is it a light-filled open kitchen for cooking and entertaining, a spacious walk-in closet for storing your clothing or a en-suite with double sinks?

In Casa Grande, take a tour of new homes at Palm Creek Resort & Residences. This luxurious, 55-plus community has unveiled a model center for a sneak peek look at new manufactured homes designed by Cavco and Champion Homes. Here you can view the must-have features everyone wants in their abode, from sleek appliances to high ceilings and wood laminate flooring.

You’ll find everything you need in the modern kitchen, from wide countertops and huge islands to stainless-steel appliances and deep farmhouse sinks.

Tucked in this quiet community midway between Phoenix and Tucson, Palm Creek offers stylish resort living, where every day is a golf day.

For an active lifestyle, Palm Creek has access to top-notch amenities, including four swimming pools and four hot tubs, pickleball and tennis courts, lawn bowling, and a softball field, among other

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