Selecting a Cutter – Part One - Mike's Cigars Blog


There are suitable cutting instrument and cutting techniques for your cigar. 

It is important that you begin the cigar smoking process by obtaining a quality, sharp cutting instrument to ensure a clean and precise cut. A poor quality cutting instrument can set the tone for a less pleasant cigar smoking experience by producing an uneven or crushing cut. One should never bite into the closed end of the cigar (known as the head of the cigar) with one’s teeth. This can cause loose tobacco particles to end up in the mouth and also increases the risk of the cigarette unraveling. A quality cigar store will offer a variety of cigar cutting instrument options that are sure to suit the needs of the most discriminating cigar connoisseur. There are a host of excellent Cigar Cutter instruments available.


The double guillotine cigar cutter is probably the most popular cutting device used by cigar smokers. A quality double guillotine cutter almost always ensures a clean, sharp cut. The advantage of the double blade cutter is that the cut comes from both sides simultaneously for a precise cut. This opens the head of the cigar for maximum flavor and drawing. Despite the fact that a myth has spread that double guillotine cigar cutters are self sharpening, this is simply not the case.


The most glamorous cutter but not the most used. This was widely used years ago and now it is seen more as an implement that gives elegance than utility. It’s functional, but it’s the one-sheet style and they have the same problems as the one that follows on this list, as well as being very bulky.


Guillotine Cigar Cutter is a handy cutting tool suitable for most cigar smokers. With this cutter, however, one risks a slightly uneven cut to the cigar. This is due to the fact that when cut, the cigar will only have a sharp edge on one side, while it is compressed against the dull metal or plastic edge on the other side of the guillotine opening. This device would be our least favorite option, but it gets the job done if it’s the only cutting device available.


A V-cutter creates a notched opening at the end of the cigar. The advantage is that it can offer more surface area to the head of the cigar without exposing the tongue to filler tobacco. It also allows you to draw more air through the cigar. This is a good option for small to medium ring gauge cigars. Some cigar aficionados prefer this method of cutting into torpedo-shaped cigars. Simply place the head of the cigar into the circular opening and compress the guillotine-like device to create the V-shaped notch.


A punch cutter, also called a bullet cutter, is a sharp circular blade that gently pushes into the head of a cigar and then gently turns. This method will cleanly core an opening without the need to cut the cap. However, drilled strawberries are generally not the tool of choice for torpedo shaped cigars, or small ring gauge cigars. Occasionally the punch cut will create a slightly bitter taste on the palate as it tends to concentrate the smoke and burn a bit of heat. This would be a good option for a flat press cigar.


Cigar scissors are specifically manufactured for the purpose of cleanly and precisely cutting just below the lid of the cigar. The best examples are made from surgical grade stainless steel. A high-quality cigar scissors will guarantee you fast and precise cuts. The benefits of cigar scissors is that they will open wide enough to accommodate a variety of ring gauges and will also do an excellent job on perfects and pyramids.