Condo in building called The Dimetrodon lists in Warren, Vermont



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A condo on the real estate market in Warren, Vermont, for $290,000 in a building called The Dimetrodon has captured the attention of a popular social media page since it was listed almost a month ago.

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The four-bedroom, two-bath historic condo is in an odd building constructed in 1976 by a “design build community of architects on Prickly Mountain” the listing on says. Overall, there are six condos in the structure, and the 1,200-square-foot unit that’s available includes:

There is also a semi-finished tower bedroom in the top tower that could function as a fifth bedroom in this “quirky” home if the new owner chooses.

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Fans on the popular Facebook page Zillow Gone Wild have strong opinions when it comes to The Dimetrodon building itself. A majority were confused by the exterior of the entire property and were vocal about it in the comment section.

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“This is the place where a group of kids were stranded with no adults and they had to learn to survive on their own,” one person said of the home. “So they built shelters with whatever they could throw together and established a hierarchy and put a pig head on a stick at the entrance. Oh, wait, that was ‘Lord of the Flies’.”

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“It’s like someone had spare house parts leftover from building 5 other houses and just threw them together like a Johnny Cash Cadillac,” another joked.

“This is what happens when you design things by committee,” one person said.

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“I’d hate to get drunk in this house,” someone observed.

“Arthur Weasley gotta stop watching HGTV,” another said, referencing “Harry Potter”.

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“Every part of this house looks off,” another said. “Feel like living in it would give you a constant sense of unease.”

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“This house looks like a bunch of people squatted on a piece of land and started building from spare parts they found at the dumpster,” one person said.

“This looks like a bunch of random Lego were just dumped out in a heap,” another joked.

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“This is what happens when you give a 12-year-old me all of the money,” someone said. “I build the best fort.”

“Aren’t photos in real estate listings supposed to help sell the house?” one person asked. “Because all these are doing is making it look like the Upside Down.”

No worries —there were some fans of the place.

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“I know it’s objectively terrible but I kind of dig it,” someone said.

“I actually really love it?” another asked. “It just needs more color to be more cheerful.”

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“I’d buy it,” one person said. “Once all the current furniture is out, it could be really cool with minimal work.”

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