Dish Rack Options to Save Space in the Kitchen

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Today’s dish rack not only serves as a place to store dishes, but also as an aesthetic enhancer of the kitchen space. Modern concept kitchens often have a room area that is not too wide. How can the dish rack, which is usually made quite large and wide, not make the kitchen space feel full?

Here are a selection of dish racks that you can choose from:


Dish Rack Aluminum dish rack is a dish rack that is quite pocket friendly. This dish rack is made of aluminum combined with glass or ceramic. Aluminum dish rack is perfect for those of you who like simple but beautiful shelves. The aluminum dish rack consists of various types, namely 2-door aluminum dish rack, 3-door aluminum dish rack, and combination plate rack. The 2-door aluminum dish rack is perfect for those of you who have a small kitchen space. This type of rack is also very suitable for newly married couples because there are not too many kitchen utensils.

The 3-door aluminum dish rack is more suitable for those of you who have a lot of kitchen furniture or have a large enough kitchen space. This type of dish rack has a larger capacity so that it can accommodate a variety of kitchen furniture and tableware.

The third type of aluminum dish rack is the combination dish rack. This shelf is composed of a combination of aluminum and glass and ceramics. The ceramic that is placed on this shelf serves as a place for magic coms or rice warmers. This type of shelf is very helpful for those of you who do not have a large enough kitchen space. If you want to put your dish rack, you can find buy from Wall Mounted dish Rack.

Hanging Dish Rack

Hanging dish rack is a dish rack model that is quite in demand lately, especially young couples who like practical and unique dish racks. This hanging dish rack can be made of iron, aluminum, or wire. The installation is placed on the wall of the kitchen room so that it saves space. Another advantage of the hanging dish rack is that the tableware placed on this shelf dries faster because this type of shelf usually does not have a cover. This type of dish rack is classified as a modern dish rack but the capacity is not too large so only a few plates and glasses can be placed on this hanging dish rack. The hanging dish rack also does not require special care so it is perfect for those of you who are active and don’t have much time to do kitchen maintenance.

Glass Dish Rack The glass

plate rack has a luxurious and classy impression. Glass dish racks have various models, some use clear glass and some use thicker and textured matte glass . Dish racks that use thick and textured glass are usually priced more expensive than ordinary glass dish racks. In addition, the texture can also make the shelf look more beautiful and luxurious. How to care for a glass dish rack is quite easy, namely using a wet cloth. You only need to periodically wipe the dish rack every 2 to 3 days so that the shelves and their furniture are kept clean.

Plastic Dish Racks

Along with the times, plastic is used to make various kinds of goods because it is light and durable. One of the objects made of plastic is a dish rack. Plastic dish racks are the most economical dish racks because this type of dish rack is priced at the lowest price compared to shelves made of other materials. Plastic dish racks are very light so they are easy to move. The colors available in the market are also quite varied, but are usually dominated by bright colors. This rack is perfect for those of you who have not too many tableware or kitchen furniture because the capacity of the plastic plate rack is quite small compared to other types of dish racks.