Dispose of Garbage Properly and Correctly

6 Quick Ways Of Disposing Home Rubbish

Garbage is now a serious problem in urban areas such as Jakarta. The reason is of course because people’s behavior when disposing of garbage does not pay attention to how and where to dispose of garbage.

As a result, garbage is the main source of river silting, which results in flooding when the rainy season arrives. Of course we will not continue like that. As good citizens of the country, it is proper for us to take part in protecting the environment, one of which is to improve the way we dispose of waste that has been done so far.

1. Dispose of Garbage in the Right Place.

For organic waste, the best treatment is to bury the waste into the ground so that the waste can be decomposed into fertilizer. Meanwhile, non-organic waste should not be buried in the ground because non-organic waste cannot be decomposed, but it is enough to put it in sacks which are then disposed of in a plastic, metal or rubber recycling area.

However, if it is difficult to find a place for non-organic waste disposal, usually there are people or scavengers who sometimes also want to accept the waste to be processed or resold.

2. Separate Organic Waste and Non-Organic Waste

Organic waste is waste that can be decomposed by spoilage bacteria, for example: food waste, animal waste, trees. While non-organic waste is waste that cannot be decomposed by spoilage bacteria, such as plastic, metal, rubber.

3. Don’t Throw Garbage in the River

The river is the best place to throw garbage. But now, don’t do that anymore, because the silting of the river due to garbage is very worrying. The effect is of course felt when it rains, namely the river is easy to overflow and water flows through residents’ housing.

4. Turn Into a Side Business

Currently, innovative products made from waste have begun to appear. For example in the form of bags, sandals, and other accessories. The consumer response is also very enthusiastic. Learning from this, it is better if the waste that is usually thrown away, try to be created as a creative industry material. In addition to cheap materials, competitors are still few.

Of course, we don’t want the results of years of work to just disappear due to flooding. Therefore, public awareness is very decisive of the existing environment.

Indeed, not only by disposing of good waste can directly solve problems regarding environmental pollution and flooding, but at least we have reduced the factors that cause this. You can use Junk removal Somerville for remove your junk.