DIY with old fruit and wine boxes! How it all started!


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In our online shop you can find many wooden boxes and crates in different variations from different areas in Germany and abroad. It all started very small as a hobby and what developed from it was never to be expected. In the first few weeks we only sold some of our own old apple crates from the farm. We now have the largest range of old fruit and wine boxes in Germany. If you need more wooden boxes, click here

You run a small fruit farm in the largest fruit-growing area in Germany. The small boxes have not been needed for their original task of storing fruit for many years. In the meantime, large boxes with a capacity of 300kg are used almost exclusively for harvest and storage. This simplified the harvest process and, last but not least, reduced the physical strain. Since then, the small boxes that are no longer needed have been stored in our attic, as with many of our professional colleagues. Back then I was working as a gardener journeyman on the farm and I also noticed how versatile we can use the sturdy apple crates. It would have been a shame to have left it unused in the attic. I then considered making the boxes accessible to others and initially selling them on Ebay or Ebay classifieds.

There was a great response within a very short time. Of course, because of a lack of space, like other companies in here, we no longer had large quantities of these boxes in stock. In the past it was common to burn the boxes so that there is more space for large boxes and machines. In the 1990s they could be given to dealers as one-way packaging for export goods. Many therefore went to Russia.

After our boxes were almost sold out, I asked other fruit growers and bought them. At that time, the fruit growers in here were supplied with different box formats by various box manufacturers. The purchase from other fruit growers resulted in a greater variety in our range.

There were 4-5 different sizes of apple and pear crates in the area over the course of one hundred to one hundred and thirty years. All “sizes” had their advantages and disadvantages. It started with the 15kg boxes. At that time the Altländer called it the “30 pound box”.

Most of these boxes were shipped to us from America with other fruits and were stabilized and processed by the fruit growers in the region for the apple harvest. These boxes were initially available with only one side board.

These boxes were quickly taken out of service by the fruit growers because there was not enough air circulation in the box. The apples in this box in the warehouse started to rot very quickly. Now this is the rarest box in my range and I haven’t seen it at any other vendor in the last 2 years. This fruit box is best suited for a bedside table or bedside table or as a small piece of jewelry combined with a flower in the house or garden as a decoration. We only have around 150 of these boxes in stock.

The successor to these “30 pound” boxes with only one side board is the box with two side boards.

This box has the same dimensions, but there is a small slit in the middle. This slot should allow more air circulation in the box. A few more of these are available because they have been in use for a longer period of time. The box has a similar look to the “single board box” and is the most decorative after it. It is astonishing that the boxes are still very stable despite the age and thus there are many possible uses. If you like the appearance of the boxes, you can use them as a wine rack, build a coffee table out of fruit boxes or use them as a decorative storage box. What I personally find very beautiful is also a stool that can be built very easily from a fruit crate. This “fruit crate stool” can optionally be provided with a hinged lid in order to be able to store newspapers or the like in it.

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