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With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Driftaway is synonymous with the term “value for money”.

Locally made, the company’s mattresses all come with a minimum five-year and maximum 15-year guarantee.

Manufactured to the highest standards, the mattresses are both comfortable and durable, and ideal for private homes and the hospitality industry.

In addition, Driftaway also manufactures bases, mattress toppers and pillows for a dreamy sleep experience.

Of course, getting a good night’s sleep is about more than just a great mattress. So, to help you get the best rest, here Driftaway shares top tips for a restful night:

  • Avoid looking at electronics such as cell phones, televisions, laptops and tablets at least 1 hour before bed. This allows your brain to relax as electronics cause the brain to be active for an hour or two after using them.
  • Ensure that your mattress is wide and long enough to accommodate you (and your partner) comfortably. Each should have enough space to lie comfortably and turn around without disturbing the other person.
  • Ensure you have the right pillow. Sleeping with too many pillows or high pillows can cause your neck to be at an angle and cause your spine not to be in line. This can cause neck and back pain, making you wake up stiff and sore. We recommend memory foam pillows as this moulds to your neck and head shape, ensuring your spine is in the correct position.
  • Use the right bed linen. As luxurious as feathered pillows and inners may sound, they may also be causing you to have sinus issues. It is also not the best for your spine to use a feather pillow as it does not mould to the shape of your neck and head. Using hypo-allergenic inners and memory foam pillows will provide you with a better night’s sleep. Bed linen should be breathable and washed at least once a week. Duvet inners should be washed every few months or more often if the person tends to perspire more.
  • Being overweight can cause changes in the body that could cause a lack of sleep. Eating healthy and exercising are beneficial for long life and good sleep.


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