Here Are Six Types Of Hampers That Can Be A Business Opportunity During Covid

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It has become a tradition during Eid, for people to share parcels or hampers with relatives or friends. Running a hamper business during Eid al-Fitr can be a business opportunity.

Quoted from the book Top 50 Most Wanted Super-selling Businesses by the Aksara Plus Team, there are several things that must be prepared to start a hamper business. First, prepare capital to buy equipment and parcel supplies. Then make a business plan as a guide, and look for references about unique and beautiful parcel creations.

The hamper entrepreneur must also study what kind of parcels offered by business competitors as a reference for innovation to be carried out. The contents of the parcel can be in the form of various products, such as food, drinks, or even glassware.

Determine the price of cheap (competitive) hampers with good and quality product contents. Try to have uniqueness and advantages in the creation of parcels so that they can look attractive and unique to consumers. Entrepreneurs can rely on word of mouth promotion, or seek customers from companies such as banks that regularly provide hampers. In addition, entrepreneurs can use social media as a means of promotion.

The hamper themes that you can use include:

Snack Hampers

You can sell hampers containing snacks. You can vary these snacks with imported snacks from abroad. You can find snack hampers here

Cookie Hampers

Pastries are one of the typical foods during Eid. You can choose pastries to fill the hampers.

Eid Hampers

You can make Eid clothes as the contents of your hampers. Like koko clothes or robes.

Hampers Kitchen Utensils or Tableware

Kitchen utensils or cutlery are perfect for making hampers. Hampers can contain, among others, a set of pots, cutting boards, kitchen scales, spatulas, stirring spoons.

Hampers Prayer Tools

Prayer equipment is an obligatory requirement for people who are Muslim. Because, people who are Muslims pray 5 times a day. So, it is certain that the Prayer Tool parcel is a very functional hamper.

Hampers Set Pillowcase and Tablecloth

During Lebaran, many people design the contents of their houses to give an attractive impression. You can make hampers with the contents of a set of sofa pillowcases and tablecloths for the living room.