Here’s How To Choose The Right Lego Toys For Your Child

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Children have one favorite for their daily activities, namely toys. If we look at today’s children, they often play gadgets. Starting from a smartphone, tablet or even a laptop.

In order to avoid too often a child looks at the screen which is not good for the child’s health if it is too often, then you can try using lego games from . Lego is a kind of block-and-pair toy which is usually made of plastic. Lego itself is one of the game brands that until now has become the favorite and most popular game among children, even adults too. 

Benefits of Playing Lego for Children

Who would have thought, it turns out that Lego toys are very good to be used as educational toys for children. Playing Lego can also educate and develop the intelligence of children of all ages. Here we tell you about the benefits that children get when they play lego.

1. Suggestion Introduction of color, size, shape and count

Lego apparently comes with a variety of colors, sizes, different shapes in each theme. You can introduce various colors, shapes, sizes and counting to your little one when playing lego.

2. Children’s Fine Motor

When your child is playing with Lego, they will usually be active by moving, picking up, lifting, pressing until they glue the Lego blocks one by one. This is very good because it will help children to develop fine motor skills, especially in the fingers. Small strong muscles will be formed in the fingers that can help children to do other skills, such as learning to write, draw, etc.

3. Learn to Solve Problems

This is rarely realized by parents when their children play Lego. Apparently when your child plays lego, it means that your child learns to solve his own problems. If it turns out that your child has difficulty in compiling his work, the child can learn to be independent to find solutions and how to solve the problem. Not infrequently the child does not want to be helped when making Lego according to his wishes, and that is good and can make parents feel happy because he is used to learning independently.

4. Socialize and Cooperate

Playing Lego is also a good means for children to learn to socialize. While playing with other friends. Children are trained to socialize with each other, express their opinions to create a good form. Of course they will also learn to work together as a team. This is very good for the development of children when they grow up.

5. Improve language skills

According to a study, children aged 1.5 to 2.5 years who played Lego showed an astonishing result. These children scored higher on tests of vocabulary, grammar, and verbal comprehension. The exact cause is not yet known, most likely because children spend more time with their parents playing Lego, so they have more time to chat with each other.