Hiring an Interior Designer: Another Perspective

How to Work With an Interior Designer

If you have just bought a house and are preparing to decorate it or want to give a new image to the property you already live in, you have several options. An interior decorator will help you choose the color that best goes with your furniture; But if you are looking to create functional spaces, what you need is an interior designer. Call LC Designer to help you more. 

Main differences

Decorator interiore s can help you decide on the color of your furniture, decorative accessories, paint your wall and tile type that goes best with your spaces. Although it can also help you develop spaces that are consistent in their use, ergonomics and lighting technique; In short, it will help you create more functional spaces that adapt to your needs.

The professional dedicated to interior design must follow certain techniques when carrying out the project for which he will be hired. You should start by conducting research and analysis of various aspects. You should prioritize your needs and comfort, among others. It is important to have an idea of ​​the spaces you are looking for; Although the interior designer’s task will be to propose ideas, it is important that you have a base of the different styles that exist. There are different types of interior design :

Residential: Residential design refers to habitable places ; that is, it does not include the decorative design of offices or businesses. This type of designer is recommended if you want to create comfortable spaces in your apartment or house. They pay attention to aspects such as your family life.

Commercial: The commercial designer is ideal if you want to create more pleasant spaces in your business ; includes offices, lobbies, restaurants, among others. This type of designer will take care of pleasing you, but mainly your clients and will offer you all the possibilities so that they feel very well received. They will pay special attention to the efficient flow of people in your business and the possibilities for it to grow.

Ecological design : Environmental and ecological design, also known as sustainable, prioritizes materials that do not affect the environment. This type of design can be applied to residential and commercial. Currently this type of designers usually suggest the use of lamps with led spotlights, ecological air systems and the use of solar panels for power generation.

Achieving a good interior design can be a difficult task, it is not enough to find the best size furniture and decorative objects that are pleasing to the eye. The interior designer will observe and analyze which is the best space to place a certain thing . Some of the main elements that make up a good design are: balance of space, style and size of furniture and above all, functionality in space.


Set your goals and present them to the designer

Before starting your search for an interior designer, you should make a list of the goals you want. Among your objectives you can find saving space in your home or improving the flow of customers in your business. Everything will depend on you and what you want to achieve. With clear ideas, it will be easier for the designer and you to achieve better communication.

Find who best meets your needs

You must be a person who is attentive to what you want; In other words, he is someone who does not know your needs first-hand, so you will have to tell him and he will have to attend to those suggestions. It is important that he knows how to interpret them and carry them out into something tangible. Remember that you will carry out important implementations in your home. You should always keep in mind your tastes and your goals, and therefore will ask you many questions.

Select an expert, creative and purposeful designer

It is essential that you be creative; When you interview him, you can ask him to show you a portfolio with photos of some properties with the before and after of his work. It is very common for interior designers to have such a portfolio. There you will notice the way it works; You can even take inspiration from something they have already done, which suits your space, needs and goals. See how it saves on the spatial issue and how it creates functional environments. If you don’t like his style or you notice that he doesn’t have much variety of work, you can look for another option.

If there is chemistry, there will be better results

Although it is not essential that they become the best friends, it is important that there is a very good treatment and a little chemistry with your designer. Remember that he will spend many hours in your house and will make important decisions about your spaces. If the designer is very introverted and does not show much interest and enthusiasm in his work … better choose someone else.

If you keep in mind the basic recommendations that we have raised, surely the design in the decoration of your home will be the envy of your friends; for you it will represent an achievement in terms of space optimization. Be sure to visit our blog for more interesting details that will help you improve the functionality of your home. And if you venture to decorate your home yourself, take a look at our blog, where you will find many tips to give your home a new and pleasant look.