How Long Does Fiber Cement Siding Last?

How Long Does Fiber Cement Siding Last?

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The right siding should do more than just make your house look new. It should also give you years—decades, really—of minimal maintenance and strong performance. The winner in durability, by far, is James Hardie fiber cement—the unbeatable champion when it comes to siding that just doesn’t quit.

The investment you make to install Hardie siding is well worth the superior, lasting results you get out of it. Here’s why you can confidently expect Hardie siding to last a minimum of 30 years…and often 2–3 times longer!

James Hardie: Tops in Siding for Over a Century 

If you’ve been considering a home remodel, you probably have heard of Hardie siding already. It’s America’s #1 choice for siding coast to coast, for a host of reasons—from its vibrant colors and customizable style to its resistance to pests and fire. But what makes it truly a top choice is the fact that it lasts so much longer than other siding materials, like wood and vinyl.

Unique Makeup Gives Fiber Cement Superb Resistance to Decay 

Made of a special blend of Portland cement, sand, glass, cellulose fiber, and water, fiber cement is super-resilient. It’s designed to withstand all the elements that wear away at other materials. It can’t be eaten by critters, it doesn’t burn in a home fire, and it doesn’t rot. 

As the creator of fiber cement, the James Hardie company continues to be a leader in its field. It’s the expert in this premier siding product, giving homeowners the very best in what fiber cement can offer. Hardie siding’s makeup allows it to retain its beauty and protective qualities for years of low-maintenance delight.

Superb Performance against All Kinds of Weather 

The James Hardie company innovated the HardieZone system to fit homes with the right products. Hardie siding is Engineered for Climate®—meaning you can match your region’s weather patterns with siding products designed to survive it. 

For areas of Michigan, like Detroit and Ann Arbor, you can invest in Hardie siding specifically made to handle wet, cold seasons without rotting, shrinking or warping. It also won’t easily dent or crack when struck by hail or lift out of place in high winds.

Appearance that Doesn’t Diminish over Time 

The lasting nature of Hardie siding extends to its looks too. Remember, both sun and rain are harsh—but the James Hardie company has created innovative techniques like its ColorPlus™ technology—which minimizes wear and helps your siding retain its beauty over the long-term.

This unique method bakes your chosen color onto your siding in a controlled factory setting, creating a finish that won’t chip, get discolored or fade. ColorPlus Hardie siding is warrantied for 15 years—which is 2–3 times longer than the average exterior paint job.

Proven Longevity that Gives You Peace of Mind 

A lot of products have promises attached to how long they’ll last, but with Hardie siding, you have more than promises—you have proof! Controlled tests consistently show that Hardie’s fiber cement yields decades of trusted performance. While the product itself is warrantied for 30 years, studies show Hardie siding lasts as much as 100 years or more.

Lifetime Value that’s Worth the Investment 

When you consider how long fiber cement siding retains its beauty, protective qualities, and trustworthy performance—and you compare it to other materials that don’t last nearly as long—it’s easy to see why Hardie siding is America’s favorite. 

For many homeowners, it is literally the only siding you will need to buy for as long as you live in your home. It’s unlikely you’ll have to replace it—especially when it is carefully installed by well trained, Hardie-approved contractors (like us!) and then maintained by regular cleaning and general care of your home’s overall structure.

Gain Lasting Low-Maintenance Hardie Siding Installed by Greater Detroit’s Pros   

When your home is ready for a fresh, new exterior look, why not invest in gorgeous, durable fiber cement from America’s #1 siding maker? As an Elite Preferred James Hardie contractor, our experts at John McCarter Construction put your mind at ease and perform precision installations that make you proud of every inch of your home. 

Reach out to us for a free consultation on Hardie siding installation—we’re happy to serve you!

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