How to Become an Architect in California

Being an architect is not an easy profession, at least you must have an interest in the world of architecture. On this occasion, I will try to describe the stages or processes for those of you who want to become an architect.

The first stage, Intention to become an architect

The first stage to become an architect is that you must have the intention or dream of becoming an architect, so you will start to find out everything about the profession of an architect, which you can get from friends, relatives, or information from the Internet.

And the most important thing is after you start to know about the profession of being an architect, do you intend to continue or even become less interested in this profession.

The second stage, start seriously studying Architecture

After you find out information about the architectural profession, and are more motivated to become an architect, you should start to explore the knowledge of architecture, which you can get by studying Architecture majors.

At this stage, you have to be really serious, because in Architecture lectures you can prove that you really deserve to be an architect, this can be seen from your enthusiasm in doing college assignments.

A few tips when studying architecture, try to at least be able to pass and get good grades in every course, and try to graduate on time.

Studying one of the fields of architecture

In architecture, there are many focuses, which include Interior design, Landscape architecture, residential architecture, high rise building architecture, urban planning, and many others.

Which of the focus areas of architecture do you like the most, so from there you can deepen your knowledge, so that you get a specialist in the field of architecture.

This is important because it will be a problem if you do a job that is outside the focus of your architectural field. have, it doesn’t mean you can’t, but it could be that you are less than optimal in working on the project.

Looking for architectural experience

The next way to become an architect is that you have to find as much experience in the world of architecture as you can get from participating in architectural competitions, and working on real development projects. You can use this service for desgin your home