How to Install Floor Deck on Concrete and Steel Structures

Floor Deck seems to have become the standard word for the mention of deck floor plates. Just like in mineral water packaging, regardless of the brand, people are more familiar with the term aqua water.

What are the advantages of using a bonded plate?

For large-scale projects with a large and typical floor area, the use of Floor Deck slabs is clearly more profitable than using conventional slabs. Because it saves time, energy, and costs.

Floor Deck is a fixed formwork as well as the bottom reinforcement (field reinforcement) on the floor structure. While the support reinforcement and shrinkage reinforcement should use wiremesh (more practical at the same time).

How to install the correct Floor Deck?

The most basic thing about the Floor Deck installation method is that the Floor Deck is more effectively installed in the short direction of the steel beam installation span.

How to install Floor Deck on concrete structures and steel structures is not much different.

Here are the sequences:

  1. Install temporary supports if needed. Support is needed or not, every Floor Deck product has a standard.
  2. Place the Floor Deck on the temporary support and on the beam. Floor Deck supports at least 2.5 cm at the edge of the beam.
  3. Install an end stop for the edge of the bond to protect the concrete from spilling.
  4. Tighten between the Floor Deck parallel to the special Floor Deck clamp.
  5. Wiremesh degree / top reinforcement
  6. Floor Deck plates are ready to be cast.

How to calculate Floor Deck plate strength?

The easiest way is to look at the brochure issued by the manufacturer.

Because Floor Deck is a factory product, it has its own standard for its strength. For example, as shown in the table, one of the following deck plate products is the maximum distance for installing formwork or scaffolding on the Floor Deck.

For spans between bonds, a maximum of 3 meters should be taken or by calculating the deflection first.

We have obtained the field plate reinforcement, namely Floor Deck. For support reinforcement, the calculation method is the same as calculating conventional plate reinforcement.