How to Make a Small Garden in the Front Yard

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people leave a little space in their house to be used as a garden. You can turn your front yard, back yard, to the wall into a garden. But generally the front garden of the house is chosen because how to make a small garden in front of the house is very easy to do.

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Unfortunately, my front page is narrow :(, what do you do?

A small home page does not mean it cannot be used as a garden. You don’t need to be discouraged if you have a narrow front yard.

  1. Measuring the Area of ​​the Yard of the House

If you intend to make a small garden in front of the house, it is good to measure the area of ​​​​the yard of the house. This area measurement can be used as a reference for selecting the types of plants to be planted. If your front yard is quite small, choose only small plants. Plants that are too large will make the capacity of your garden less.

Therefore, it is important to know the size of the yard of the house.

  1. Determine the Division of the Park Area

It turns out that the division of the garden area also determines the final result of a garden. If your garden has different areas, then a broad impression can be created. There are several kinds of areas that you can use and customize in your home.

The first area that can be created is a garden area with grass planted. Usually this area does not use other types of plants except grass. The existence of this area can make your garden look wider.

Then you can also create an area of ​​grass again, but interspersed by some small ornamental plants. You can also use medium types of ornamental plants, but make sure you only use one ornamental plant.

In addition to grass, you can also use decorative stones to beautify the garden. Choose the color of the stone according to your taste. Ornamental plants can also be added between the decorative stones to add a beautiful impression.

For the area next to the house , you can plant it with only one type of plant. To make it look more beautiful, plant these ornamental plants in a row. You can also provide a brick divider on each plant if you want to create a minimalist impression. If your front yard is already covered with cement, then the thing that can be done is to put plants in pots. Thus the cement floor can still be transformed into a beautiful garden.

  1. Creating a Path in the Garden Area

The existence of a path can also make the condition of the garden that is made more beautiful.

Make a path that can connect one area of ​​the park to another. Usually you can use natural stone to make the path.

The function of the path is as your way to pass so that the grass in the park is not often stepped on.

This path will also add a minimalist but spacious impression to your front yard.

  1. Disguise the Guardrail

Usually houses must have a guardrail, especially in urban areas. This guardrail sometimes makes the house look narrow.

The fence will make the appearance of the home page seem limited.

Actually, you can make the fence of the house look like something that supports the appearance of the garden. You can also add furniture, you can find here make

You can make the fence have a natural impression. The natural impression is raised by adding plants on the fence.

This natural impression can also create a minimalist impression if the selection of plants is done well. You can choose the type of shrub that can be propagated to the fence of the house. However, this type of plant must be cared for often to keep it looking neat.

If you are the type of person who is busy, then the type of slender plant with small leaves can be chosen.

This concept is commonly known as a minimalist garden . In addition to looking minimalist, this type of plant does not grow quickly so it does not require pruning too often.