I’m a cleaning pro – 5 places everyone forgets to scrub & it’s making your home dusty and germy


Whether or not you’re a neat freak or somebody who only cleans when it results in being completely required, there are some spots you happen to be in all probability overlooking.

These hidden destinations can be the great residence for dust and germs if they are not cleaned often plenty of.

TikToker More Than Cleaning shared the most forgotten areas of your home when it comes to cleaning


TikToker Extra Than Cleansing shared the most forgotten spots of your home when it will come to cleansingCredit score: TikTok/morethancleaning

TikTok consumer More Than Cleansing, or Ileana, shared the top five areas we have a tendency to forget when cleaning our homes.

Ileana’s first suggestion is to clear out the spot less than your sofa cushions.

“Lift these puppies up and give it a fantastic vacuum cleansing. You’d be amazed how a great deal dust collects beneath there,” she described.

She also encouraged dusting your curtain rods routinely, to stay away from a establish-up of dust.

She advised her followers: “You’d be stunned how a lot of of us ignore to appear up. They not only accumulate dust but they also accumulate spiderwebs.”

According to the TikToker, we ought to also be wiping down the handrails of our stairs on a standard foundation.

“We contact these on a daily foundation, as we’re coming down. So let us not ignore to give them a great wipe,” she stated.

Ileana also recommended her followers to “raise the blinds up and give the window sill a fantastic clear.”

And eventually, the TikTok person recommended cleaning the legs of your table and chairs.

“This is kind of like out of sight out of intellect,” Ileana explained as she stated why this place is frequently so neglected.

TikTok buyers took to the responses part to examine the 5 ignored spots.

Ileana recommends vacuuming under your sofa cushions regularly


Ileana suggests vacuuming underneath your couch cushions routinelyCredit history: TikTok/morethancleaning

“I’m not cleaning any of these. Ugh much more to the record,” wrote just one viewer.

A further person said: “Chiiiiile not 1 of them have been touched in a year…don’t judge me.”

Other consumers admitted to deliberately ignoring some of the difficulty areas of their house.

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“I you should not fail to remember I just like to torture myself until eventually my OCD can not take it any longer,” stated a single viewer.

A further individual wrote: “I clear the sofa cushions each time. At any time considering that a guest dropped her cellular phone in the sofa. I was mortified. Died of embarrassment.”

Dusting your curtain rods regularly can prevent dust build-up and spider webs from forming


Dusting your curtain rods often can prevent dust build-up and spider webs from formingCredit rating: TikTok/morethancleaning


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