Interior designers reveal the 10 things worth splurging on in your home office

How to make your home into an office, classroom, and more without  sacrificing a calm living space | Business Insider

When it comes to the ideal home office, style and function are both important.

You don’t need to drain your bank account to create a great work-from-home space, but some things are worth a bit of extra cash.

Insider spoke with Professional painting services Ann Arbor to learn which home-office items they’d suggest spending extra money on. 

Here’s what they said:

You should splurge on quality task lighting.

Good lighting can prevent headaches and fatigue. Africa Studio / Shutterstock

Bre Hance, founder and principal designer of InHance Interiors, told Insider that swapping harsh ceiling lights for quality task lighting can improve the function and feel of a home office.

“Overhead lighting can give some people a headache,” she said. “I always recommend buying task lighting with dimming options so you can adjust your lighting as needed.”

Wall sconces, floor lamps, or desk lights are great options for adding soft light to your workspace.

It’s worth adding a water supply to your office space.

Water coolers or mini-fridges make staying hydrated easier. Olga Rubcova/Shutterstock

Leaving your office space to refill a water bottle or grab a beverage can break your concentration.

“Consider investing in a water tank or dispenser that you keep in the office to fuel your productivity,” Hance told Insider.

You could opt for a small refrigerator with a pitcher of filtered water (and a few snacks), or install a full water cooler.

Live plants can add life to your office.

Arlene Lord, principal designer and owner of Lord Design, told Insider that a few plants can make your work space feel alive and fresh.

“Bringing live plants into your space will help with your mood and your air quality,” she said. “Just make sure the plants you choose work with the lighting in your office.”