Is Hybrid Flooring Any Good? 10 Advantages

Is Hybrid Flooring Any Good? 10 Advantages

Hybrid flooring combines laminate and vinyl. Laminate and vinyl floors cannot give the same impression of real wood as hybrid flooring does, but they are a better alternative.

Hybrid flooring is made of a very resistant and durable synthetic material. These floors are usually made up of wide and long boards that reflect the beauty of real wood and exude warmth and style in the home.

Installation is easy with a click-in-place system that can be effortlessly installed onto any existing flat surface. One of the reasons many homeowners opt for hybrid flooring Bunnings is the hassle-free installation process.


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Hybrid flooring

What is hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring or SPC hybrid flooring is the result of the combination of vinyl and laminate flooring. It shares features of both types of floors, creating resilient flooring. Hybrid floors are versatile and easy to install.


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Hybrid flooring

Pros of hybrid flooring


Hybrid flooring is generally moisture-proof and highly durable compared to traditional flooring. It can withstand spills and damage very well. Most types of hybrid flooring are rigorously tested to be 100% waterproof and are very durable.

Therefore, hybrid flooring is very good for different types of rooms, as it is very resistant to accidents and is not affected by light damage. Vinyl flooring is notoriously scratch resistant, while hybrid can withstand minor scratches and other blemishes with ease.

2-Low maintenance

Cleaning floors is not always the easiest task, as the floor can stain or damage during the process Hybrid floors are the easiest to clean and maintain on the market.

For maintenance, vacuum, sweep or mop the floor without polishing or waxing. However, steam mops are not recommended for cleaning hybrid vinyl flooring because they cause damage. Yet, this is the only cleaning method that shouldn’t be used.

The “click in place” system ensures that there are no gaps in the floor, so dirt and other debris cannot get trapped between the boards.

You can clean with a broom or vacuum and still get quality results. Besides steam mops, you shouldn’t use chemicals to polish this floor. Unfortunately for some, hybrid floors do not admit nylon scouring pads or wax for maintenance. But in any case, hybrid floors are low maintenance.


3-Stain Resistance

Hybrid flooring is also very resistant to stains that are caused by oils or chemicals. Tests suggest it can last for decades after installation. Stains can be removed very easily compared with other types of floors. Added to that, hybrid floor replacement parts are available in many stores online.


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Hybrid flooring is very versatile and adaptable to tons of designs. You just have to decide which hybrid plank fits you most.

The good side of hybrid flooring is that it really imitates other types of flooring, especially hardwood styles. Hybrid floors can be smooth or have an embossed finish. But only does it offer good looks but it also offers resistance, so people can walk or trample on it without the risk of breaking the floor. The hybrid floor has comfortable underfoot and can support the weight of objects and people for decades. Consider laying out hybrid planks in your kitchen.

And as you may know, it offers extra insulation and helps regulate the home interior’s temperature. Hybrid floors provide a thick acoustic layer that boosts insulation.


5-Increases the home value

Fusion hybrid flooring is composed of different elements like laminate and vinyl, which are two of the best elements of 2 very popular flooring styles. Hybrid flooring increases the home value and adds modernity. Hybrid flooring boosts the price of homes as much as vinyl and laminate floors do.


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6-Easy Installation and Repair

Hybrid flooring rarely dents or damages during the installation process, as the planks can be laid over the existing floor. Other than that, the installation doesn’t require special equipment since hybrid floor planks have a click-and-lock mechanism that makes everything easier.

The interior temperature and weather conditions will inevitably expand the hybrid floor planks but not too much. In the case of damage, you can replace each plank individually thanks to its unlocking system.


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While the hybrid flooring cost per m2 is not the lowest, the installation is not costly and does not require expertise. Hybrid flooring is an affordable option for those on a tight budget. The hybrid flooring cost per m2 ranges from $30 to $60.



There are plenty of designs, patterns, and colors of hybrid flooring planks. You can find a wide variety in online stores.


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Since bunnings hybrid flooring is waterproof, it is ideal for kitchens and washrooms. This is a floor type that stands water damage and swelling due to humidity.


Looking for a hard-wearing flooring option? Hybrid flooring can meet these needs. This floor lasts decades and is suitable for families that have kids.

Interestingly, bunnings hybrid flooring can withstand very hot climates. While it is a fact that it can discolor or look pale due to sunlight, hybrid flooring will never crack or dent because of this.


Disadvantages of hybrid floors


Hybrid flooring is affordable and cheaper than timber flooring.  The material price per sqm. varies from $35 to $65, which is comparable with the vinyl floor which costs $40, and the bamboo flooring, which costs around $80.


This floor can get scratches and dents, especially when there are too many heavy furniture pieces. Although it is resistant to scratches, the rubber pads of heavy furniture can scuff it.


You will notice that hybrid flooring loses its color over time. To prevent color fading, use curtains or rubber mats to protect hybrid flooring from intense artificial light.


Is hybrid flooring any good?

Hybrid floors are so resistant that they can withstand foot traffic and the test of time. For this reason, hybrid flooring is suited to kitchens and places where spills can occur. Hybrid flooring is water-proof and long-lasting.

This floor works well for many types of rooms and has an astounding capacity to resist accidents and the effects of light damage. It is as hardy as the vinyl floor.


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What to consider before choosing hybrid flooring

Choosing the perfect flooring for your home can be a very difficult and lengthy decision. You may need to consider multiple factors, such as foot traffic, room temperature, and location. Normally, hybrid flooring is cheaper than any other type of floor coating.

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