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The spectrum of art has no limits. Everyone has the right to make art through any medium, including the keyboard.

Talking about the keyboard, maybe what we have in mind is only a modern typewriter when compared to a typewriter. But for some others, especially mechanical keyboard lovers , the electronics of all people can be a field of art with no limits by making artisan keycaps. 

Before going into the discussion of what an artisan keycap is, it’s a good idea to dive into the ins and outs of a mechanical keyboard first. This type of keyboard is different from the keyboard we usually use in the office. Although the presence of a mechanical keyboard is also familiar because it has been widely used by e-sports athletes . 

Mechanical keyboards have their fans. This hobby then developed widely with one common thread: custom . These keyboard fans seem to be competing to make their own version of a mechanical keyboard . They assemble one by one the parts that they collect to become a unified whole keyboard. Starting from PCBs, switches, cases and keycaps . 

All parts were produced in limited. Usually by small companies that see a niche market for custom mechanical keyboard enthusiasts . Because it is produced in limited quantities, it is certain that this type of keyboard parts are expensive. So it can be concluded that the custom mechanical keyboard hobby is a relatively expensive hobby. 

Let’s start with the keycap discussion . Part of this become a mandatory part of a mechanical keyboard. Keycaps are keyboard keys , usually on top of which there are symbols that we will type. Automatically, the keycap is in direct contact with our fingers. Because this hobby is expensive, one set of keycaps can reach Rp 5 million. The price can continue to rise considering the limitations of each keycap variant . 

This is where the opportunity comes to be artistic by producing artisan keycaps. Characteristics, the shape of the artisan keycap is eccentric , produced individually, and made of various basic materials. 

Artisan keycaps are usually produced by manufacturers or individuals. But with one common thread: exclusive designs. The theme depends on the artist, for example fidget spinner, movie characters, animals, nature, etc. 

The basic materials that can be used for artisan keycaps are  ABS plastic, PBT plastic or resin. But it’s not an art if the basic ingredients are also limited. Artisan keycap producers often use unusual materials for a keycap such as wood, rubber, copper, iron, etc. 

Creativity is what makes the price of artisan keycaps very expensive. The record for the most expensive artisan keycap is  currently held by Clack Factory with its keycap called The Spumoni. The current unit price is predicted to reach US$ 750 or around Rp. 11 million for one keycap! 

That record is only known to the public. There are still many transactions in the mechanical keyboard community with prices that are not disclosed to the public. 

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