Martha Stewart on spring cleaning your home office space


Multimedia lifestyle entrepreneur Martha Stewart offers “Sunday Morning” viewers some organizing tips:

Hi, everyone. It’s spring cleaning time! And nowhere in the home needs a bigger spring cleaning than that desk at which you’ve been working for the last two-and-a-half years.

So, let me show you a few ways in which I’ve refreshed my home office space.

This is an Everyday System from California Closets. You can put it pretty much anywhere in your house, and it really does the job.

The Everyday System from California Closets.

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I really like to brighten up my workspace, and we call anything a little glittery “jewelry.” So, this is my new “jewelry” for the office.


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Really important to make sure your drawers are neat and organized. There’s no reason to have a messy drawer. And I use these nice kitchen dividers – this is for silverware or knives. I will never make a mess again!


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The pin-up board, that is just a fantastic thing to have. (Don’t look at that calendar. It really has an awful lot of appointments on it. I don’t even see one free day on there. Have to talk to my office about that.)


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A little bit of bright color, from the chair, to our recyclable basket. This is just a pretty old basket that I painted blue.


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P Touches can be used very judiciously. Each cord is labeled – the laptop, the printer.


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It’s really nice to keep some filtered water handy in a little carafe. I use this in every room in my house.


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And if you’re an archivist like I am, these boxes are really useful. You can keep them for snapshots and photos. (You can keep them for love letters…)


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I still have a lot of meetings on Zoom, so, I have made sure that I have a really nice lamp, a flattering light, that I can shine right on my face so that when people are looking at me on Zoom, I look nice.


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Well, I hope I’ve inspired you to do a little bit of reorganization in your home office.

Have fun and I’ll see you next time.

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