What does your outdoor area provide for you? Perhaps it is a sanctuary from which you can watch the grass grow or watch the birds fly. On the other hand, it could well be your party and recreation area. Whatever it means to you, what you use to decorate your space can enhance your experience. By having a comfortable and attractive patio, you will have the solace or the party place you desire.

Once you have chosen your furniture, it will be time to find precisely the right cushions for that furniture. Your first choice will probably be color. Is it a sedate area calling for pastels, or is it a festive area that needs a splash of color? Prints are popular, as are stripes and plaids. Personal taste is the dictating factor when it.


The wide variety of styles, color, shape, and fabric will be similar to picking out your favorite ice cream flavor in a shop with one hundred flavors. Cushions are available for stools, chairs, benches, chaise lounges on both wood and metal furniture. Be sure you measure the seat you are covering before going shopping. You want a cushion that will be comfortable, but also the right size.

For commercial patio furniture, you will also have to consider the fabric. If the patio furniture cushions stay on the table all of the time, there are some considerations you will need to take into play. If you are using your patio area a lot and perhaps have small children joining you, your fabric should be durable. For dining areas, you will search for a stain-resistant material that is easy to clean. Removable covers may be an alternative.

Suppose your chaise lounge or swing is the only thing you are covering. In that case, you will probably want to search for the most comfortable patio furniture cushions you can find. Whatever your choice, the fabric should be color resistant. You don’t want them fading the first season on your patio.

Aside from the fabric covering your patio furniture cushions, you need to carefully choose the filling in the buffer. You will want something resistant to mildew. Since most cushions are filled with polyfill or foam, you need to look at both fillers. The foam will give you more comfort and will feel more like furniture. On the other hand, it will also retain water and take longer to dry out if it rains. Polyfill will dry more quickly. You may find that the polyfill will also get lumpy after extended use. The moisture is what causes the mold and mildew. Whatever you choose, you should select a weather-resistant cushion.

Maintenance should be another consideration. While some fabrics are easy to wipe clean, others may require professional cleaning. Use caution around the pool with absorbent material. Sunscreen and other lotions can be absorbed by your patio furniture cushions and can get moldy or stained. If you have a cloth fabric, you may want to treat it with a water repellant spray before you use it. This may be a good idea for any patio furniture.

Decide on your budget and begin your search. A quick search on the internet will yield all you could want.