Here are the Tips for Starting a Property Business to Make Big Profits |

In a situation like this, there will be mass layoffs. Many companies in Indonesia are doing layoffs, because they are not strong enough to deal with the uncertain economic situation. As a result, many people have switched professions to make a living. They are looking for new business opportunities (business opportunities). The property business is one solution for the community because the property business never dies. Property business opportunities are very diverse. You don’t have to have a large amount of capital to run a property business EPC Certificate cost London.

1. Look for Prospective Sellers Starting from the Residential Environment

If you are a new property agent, then the way to start is from your neighborhood or your circle of friends. You can start researching which properties the owner wants to sell. Start touring the city to see properties that can be used as your first listing. Make sure you take note of the number listed. Prioritize calling the owner’s phone number directly, without intermediary other property agents. You can introduce yourself first and the brand of the property agent you are under. Offer to cooperate to assist in selling the property. 

2. Find Potential Sellers or Buyers from Friendship Environment

The circle of friends is often a good opportunity to get a listing. You can start building a branding yourself as a property agent to your friends or relatives. You can invite your friends or relatives to just eat together or “coffee together”. Don’t tell your goal right away. Let the meeting flow until the right moment, you can start the conversation that you are a property agent. Usually you will get new listings or new opportunities that you can get. Maybe the opportunity doesn’t come from your friend personally, but your friend could make a reference to his brother or other friend.

3. Don’t be lazy to see other people’s property ads 

As a property agent, you must be diligent in viewing other people’s property ads, both in print and online media . You need to know that by looking at other people’s property ads, you will be able to find out the property market in an area. You can also find out how much potential a certain area has in marketing a property. This is important so that you are not wrong in providing recommendations to vendors and clients. Do not let the price offered is too expensive or even too cheap. Make sure you have done a market survey by viewing and comparing other similar property ads.

4. Diligently Marketing Listings

After you get a listing, don’t just be a complement to the listing list and then leave it alone. Promote the listing. You must be diligent in marketing the listings that you have. You can market the listing through digital property portals , social media to print media ads. Also market to your connections. Who knows, the people you broadcast are actually looking for the properties you offer. 

If you already have a potential buyer who wants to buy a certain property, you can also offer alternatives if the desired property has not been found. Tell potential buyers the advantages of your listing over the property the potential buyer wants. It is possible that your client will be interested in your listing until a transaction occurs. This is very likely to happen.

5. Create Realistic Goals

The longer you work as a property agent, the more knowledge and experience you will get. Of course you don’t want to be just a real estate agent. Maybe you dream of having your own real estate agency. There is nothing wrong with your dream. To make that dream come true, set realistic monthly sales targets. This target will make you more enthusiastic in selling property.

Make sure in every commission profit you get, you also set aside the commission profit as a provision to realize your dream of opening your own real estate agent office . This is a good start for your future. By having your own property agent office, your brand image in the property world will be increasingly respected by potential vendors and your clients.

6. Find the Right Business Partner

In the real estate world, you can co-broke. What is a co-broke? The definition of co-broke or cooperation broker is a cooperation system carried out by more than 2 (two) property agents in selling certain properties. With a co-broke partnership , you will get listings for other property agents and have the right to market the property listings. That way, your chances of getting a buyer are even greater. Co -broke cooperation is not limited to fellow property agents, but can be between property agent offices. By utilizing the databaseowned by each property agent’s office, it is hoped that a property will sell faster. This will make it easier for you to sell the property.

7. Collaborate with Developers

If you are a property agent who specializes in selling secondary properties , there is nothing wrong with collaborating with developers to sell primary properties . Both are mutually beneficial. Instead you can take 2 (two) segments at once. You have a secondary property listing and a primary property listing . You can work with developers to help sell their property products.