EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) – For many people, spring means it’s time to bring out those cleaning supplies and get rid of items that you no longer need.

As you go through items in your home, Marlie Sabelko, Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore manager says consider donating old furniture or appliances instead of tossing them out.

“We would like we take people’s gently used materials and stuff all of our money that we make off of them goes back right into our programs that we do all in the community,” Sabelko said.

Sabelko says the ReStore can take anything from building materials to furniture, to kitchen items, tools, and more. She also says re-purposing unwanted items can help keep them out of landfills and off the street.

“You’ll just save a lot of garbage, you know. If you do bring it to us it’s I guess, it’s an eyesore kind of to keep off the side of the road,” Sabelko said. “And that way your items won’t get ruined, possibly by the weather.”

Another good idea for spring cleaning is your air ducts.

Chem Master Cleaning and Restoration owner Jeff Rye says cleaning them can help avoid allergens.

“The house has been closed up all winter. You’ve got all those allergens and dust that’s built up in your heat registers. You don’t have a lot of fresh air in the winter,” Rye said. “So of if you’re trying to, you know, stem off some of the spring allergies, you know, get everything clean, new filter, clean, the entire HVAC system.”

Rye says it’s also important to keep an eye on your air filtration system to see if it’s time for a deep clean.

“If you wanted to do a self-inspection, take your cold air, return cover off. Get your cell phone camera, do a video both ways Look inside the air duct,” Rye said “I mean, if you see a lot of debris in that cold air return, that’s going to mean that you probably want to have them cleaned professionally.”

Rye says typically you should get your air ducts deep cleaned every five to ten years. If you have bad allergies or pets, he suggests every year or two.

If you have items you want to donate to the ReStore, Sabelko says you can drop items off during business hours or schedule a pick up for Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. To learn more, click here.

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