Summer in my light Scandi style kitchen


I can be guilty of spending all my time on Instagram and neglecting this corner of the internet. As Instagram pushes towards video content, I thought it was time to reset the balance and find a more natural place for the stills I might normally share there. It seems a shame to waste them on such a fast-paced, saturated app, where fleeting posts are gone and forgotten about by tomorrow. In a blog post, you can take a slower pace and find the time to pour over the little details that matter.

I don’t really know what it all means for content creators, but I’m glad I have this space that’s completely my own and within all my control. I love taking photos – it’s such a mindful task for me and something that always inspires my creativity. I can spend hours perfecting an image, tweaking the details and finding the right composition. I get a buzz when I look through my lens and see ‘the shot’. Once I get into the groove I can take hundreds of photos of the same room! That’s what I did last week, ending up with dozens of photos that deserved a rightful home.

So today I’m sharing a favourite corner of my home – my Scandi style kitchen in all its light, summer glory.

Summer in my light Scandi style kitchenSummer in my light Scandi style kitchenSummer in my light Scandi style kitchen

This kitchen is over five years old now and for me, it’s really stood the test of time. I have plans to replace the grey IKEA fronts with wooden fronts to give it a bit of a facelift when we do an extension towards the end of the year, but there’s no rush yet. I love how everything fits in so neatly, the small space working hard for our needs, with minimalist concealed appliances and extra storage above the wall cupboards.

On social media you see makeover after makeover, and while I love a transformation, it’s also nice to see a space that is timeless and evolves naturally, without you needing to spend much money. We’ve made only a small tweaks since we completed the kitchen in 2017 and most of that’s down to styling.

The wooden floor, which we added last year, really brings warmth to the space. Green accents help bring a common theme – or red thread – that ties the space with the rest of the house. The half green wall in the hallway echoes the legs of the dining table and the little accessories styled in the kitchen.

Summer in my light Scandi style kitchenSummer in my light Scandi style kitchenSummer in my light Scandi style kitchenSummer in my light Scandi style kitchenSummer in my light Scandi style kitchen

I love styling with the seasons and adapting my home depending on what’s going on outside. In summer, I like to bring the outside in with big bunches of fresh greenery. Here I’ve got some foraged sprigs from an olive tree – they’ll last much better than any flowers in this heat. I love that they look a bit wild and untamed, it gives a space a more relaxed look than a formal arrangement of blooms.

This week you’ll find me sheltering in here away from the heatwave, with an iced coffee and a fan blowing in my face. It’s a north-facing space so is luckily cool enough in the summer, while benefiting from the light that floods in from the connecting south-facing living room.

I’m hoping to do more blog posts like this with still photos – I like that I can tell a story and expand on an idea I might have. See you back here soon x

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Summer in my light Scandi style kitchenSummer in my light Scandi style kitchen


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