T.D.C: Christmas Styling: Elegant, Calming and Sensory

T.D.C: Christmas Styling: Elegant, Calming and Sensory

I’ve finally started bringing out the Christmas decorations today, and the tree will going be up soon. Looking back at previous years, I came across this blog post I wrote in the lead-up to Christmas 2020. Still relevant today, I thought it was worth revisiting for those who are in need of some festive inspiration! I’ve updated it with fresh imagery, and just as before, there are plenty of Danish brands in the mix. 

I naturally gravitate to the Nordic countries when it comes to Christmas decorating. Even though our seasons are the complete opposite and we’re more likely to be chasing a cool breeze than snuggling up warm, we can still take cues from these minimal, nature-inspired vibes from the other side of the world. Subtle festive touches with an emphasis on organic forms against a muted backdrop, the overall feeling from Danish brand Tine K Home is simple, soft and sensory.

Every year I add a few new decorations to our collection, and I love bringing them out every Christmas. It adds to the sense of tradition and is all part of creating those special family memories. I love making the most of the high ceilings in our living room and having a generous-sized real tree (the Nordic Spruce is my favourite), but a couple of years ago I opted for a faux tree due to allergies. For compact spaces, small trees are perfect, and if space permits, you could even have both, displaying a smaller tree on the dining table, on a console or shelf. Alternatively, get creative and forage outside for a big branch to decorate, for a natural, minimalist look.

Paper and wood decorations are my favourites for the tree. Every year Danish brand Moebe offers free download templates so you can make your own paper decorations. You can access the current and past designs here. I also love making my own wreaths. Traditionally Christmas wreaths are displayed on the front door, but they can also provide a beautiful festive touch inside your home. A fun DIY using simple greenery and white flowers, I’ve also made them in the past with dried flowers. Anything goes!

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