Designer opens downtown Naperville shop for interiors or decor

Lauren Fasolo discovered her passion for design during a community college drafting class.

The longtime Naperville resident was fascinated by what could be done with the right materials in the right space, so much so that a winding road led to a leap of faith as she forged a career. Years later, she’s still leaping.

Fasolo has spent the bulk of her adult life building credentials as an interior designer, but she recently expanded her operations by opening a shop in downtown Naperville. Ellce Home Design Studio and Shop not only offers design expertise, but associates also sell furniture and other merchandise for homes.

Fasolo, a 1993 Naperville Central graduate, flirted with the idea of a design shop for years. She sold a small number of items at her former location in a house behind School of Rock on North Washington Street, but she never had the perfect space.


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How to Add Trendy Maximalist Decor to a Modern Aesthetic

Maximalist decor is one of the latest trends reinventing how we use pattern and form in home design. Characterized by bold prints, vibrant color palettes, lots of texture, and quirky decor pieces, maximalism urges homeowners and designers alike to include self-expression within their designs. While this trend has many folks itching to get started, modernists eager to participate in this design style may find themselves unsure how to properly adorn their space without losing their beloved roots.

If you’re a modern home decor enthusiast who wants to take part in the new maximalist trend, here are a few ways you can go about blending these two opposing styles.

modern living room white with colorful fabrics and bold pattern

Experiment with pops of color

One way these two styles differ drastically is through the colors involved in their designs. Modernity favors muted tones, often through neutrals or monochrome. Alternatively, maximalism expresses its unique style through bold and vibrant color palettes.

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Upgrade Your Home & Work Space Decor For Better Mental Health

If you’re like most Americans you’ve been spending a lot more time at home during the last two years due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Chances are your work and home space may have merged. That alone can be anxiety-inducing. And with some calling this the end of in-office working as we know it—it may be about time to upgrade your home decor for your mental health.

You may be surprised about how much your surroundings effect things like mood, productivity and overall mental health. For instance, one 2016 NIH study found that even choosing bright colors for walls can help with concentration. Harvard Medical School also advises that having an organized and decluttered home space can help with stress relief.

Home design isn’t

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Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive With These Inexpensive Decor Ideas

The kitchen is the most underrated but highly crucial space in your house. We often spend a huge amount and time revamping our dining or living area, but hardly pay attention to upgrading the kitchen. The home décor designs keep changing frequently but you don’t always have to match up with the current styles. However, you can always take some inspiration from the latest design options and recreate it with simple décor DIY and tricks in your kitchen.

Revamp Your Cabinets

a stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen: kitchen less expensive looking

© Provided by Her Zindagi
kitchen less expensive looking

The cabinets in your kitchen are the focal point and need special care and attention while revamping the space. You can upgrade your cabinets by painting them with warm and monochrome shades or opt for bright and vibrant colours against the soft beige walls. In case you have open kitchen shelves then you can put your dish collection on the

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