Dementia-friendly home aims to help people with Alzheimer’s

Many people whose loved ones suffer from Alzheimer’s disease struggle with the idea of leaving them home alone, worried about whether they’ll be safe — and yet, they know independence is important, too.

With that struggle in mind, a new “dementia-friendly” model apartment was recently constructed in New York City, aiming to show people how to make their home safer for people who have diseases like Alzheimer’s.

“It’s a lot of things people just really don’t think about,” Jennifer Reeder, a clinical social worker and director of education and social services for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, told TODAY.

The apartment includes safety features like a stove cover and automatic fire extinguishers, a round table instead of one with sharp corners, a smart refrigerator that allows caregivers to see inside remotely so they know if someone has eaten, as well as design touches meant to enhance someone’s mood, like the

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