Luxury home designs go high-tech

Luxury home design is trending “smart.”

Big-screen televisions roll up vertically and hide in a piece of furniture. Intelligent toilets greet visitors with classical music, while automatically opening the lid. Smart ovens can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

All these examples illustrate some of the latest smart home automation innovations available for ultra-efficient, comfortable luxury living environments while reducing energy costs.

“Technology is proliferating into every aspect of our lives and all products,” Sun West Custom Homes owner Dan Coletti said. “It’s starting to go into the simplest things.”

A luxury builder in Vegas for more than 30 years, Coletti has seen technology evolve and change significantly as it advances into every room of the home.

The pandemic further advanced the need, and desire, for technology to augment remote learning, working and healthier living environments. Circadian lighting systems and powerful air purification units circulating and scrubbing the air

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Broadway’s MJ Makes History With 4 Unique Playbill Cover Designs At All February Performances

Celebrating Black History Month, the special covers each feature new illustrations by Jackson’s longtime friend and illustrator, Nate Giorgio.

Broadway’s MJ will make Broadway history as it celebrates its opening night and Black History Month by becoming the first production in Playbill history to offer four unique cover designs to theatregoers. Each audience member will receive one of the four designs throughout the month of February.

Each cover design features an illustration of an iconic Michael Jackson pose by world-renowned illustrator Nate Giorgio, who enjoyed a long friendship and working relationship with the pop icon after contracting to create a series of paintings for Jackson in 1984. Giorgio’s paintings were not only displayed in Jackson’s home, but used in some of his other projects as well, including his book of poetry, Dancing the Dream; calendars; and other merchandise.

Theatre fans looking to collect the complete set of history-making Playbills

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Home Designs Changes in 2022 – What Is Out of Style

Home design trends come and go. Styles that are all the rage eventually get overused and become outdated. We all know that sensation of style fatigue — you feel like you’ve seen the same thing over and over, and just want something new and fresh.

As we head into 2022, there are several trends that we’ll be saying goodbye to. In some cases, these trends have been slowly fading away for years because they’re impractical or difficult to maintain, while in other instances, the COVID-19 pandemic caused homeowners to embrace other options.

These are the interior design trends you should pack up and store away… at least until the cycle finds its way back around again.

modern and open kitchen with large glass windows

Kitchen trends that won’t be trendy in 2022

Avoid these design trends if you want to keep your kitchen from looking stuck in the past.

Faux finishes

Homeowners are looking for materials that

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Mom designs her entire home like the 1970s

A mom in Chicago has turned her house into a tribute to the 1970s. 

Corbyn Hanson Wittig, 51, moved into the four-bedroom home with her three kids and her husband last year. She told SWNS that some of the items that had been left behind by a previous owner inspired her to renovate the entire house into the 1970s theme

In the process of renovating, Wittig said she and her family have opted to only use secondhand items.


“It feels like the right time to find alternatives to buying new due to climate change, so we turned to secondhand first,” Wittig told SWNS. “If you’re paying the same or less, why would you go and buy a bin from Target when you could get the same or cheaper vintage?”

Corbyn Hanson Wittig decided to transform her new home into a 1970s haven when she moved into the house last year. (SWNS)

Corbyn Hanson Wittig decided to transform her new home into a

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