This Tualatin house was designed to be an accessible dream home

On a quiet country road in Tualatin sits a gorgeous new 5,000-square-foot home that fits right into its surroundings.

But look a little closer, and you’ll see this house has a secret.

The home of Courtney and Brad Lackey is not actually theirs — it was designed and built from the ground up for the lifetime use of their 8-year-old son, Reid.

Reid is a skilled driver of his power wheelchair — a necessity due to a birth injury that left him with multiple disabilities and a seizure disorder.

For years, the Lackeys looked for a home that would meet their accessibility needs and have space for their other two children. It was a long and difficult process. But what came together in the end was a beautiful collaboration between buyer, builder, architect and designer — all for the benefit of one little boy.

“It was probably one of my

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A dream home that’s down to earth

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How Tarot & Astrology Became Black & Brown Women’s North Star

Amber Finney, known as Amber The Alchemist, is steeping a cup of tea when we connect over Google Hangouts. The soft smoke of what is likely sage, incense or palo santo languidly billows from the bottom of her screen. Behind her hangs a tapestry of planets and constellations, as well as a poster illustrating various crystals. Below that sits a table of bottles and oils. Even through a screen, it’s exactly the backdrop you’d expect from someone whose life’s work includes ancestral healing through rituals and magic. “I am from Hackensack, New Jersey,” Finney, a tarot reader and spiritual practitioner, says. “My grandparents are from Georgia and South Carolina, so I’m a product of the Great Migration.” Her great-great-grandfather was likely born into slavery, she shares, and was a root worker and healer in the 1800s;

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Design Dream Home Reveal Inner Pizza Topping Quiz

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I hope this quiz isn’t too ~cheesy~!

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